//How May I Help? : An Inspirational Story

How May I Help? : An Inspirational Story

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How May I Help?

Yes, that is exactly what this inspirational write is all about. Inspiration is a mental stimulation not only to do something creative and positive, but also to work towards one and all. Such act of courage should never make you feel apologetic for being a woman, for being a beautiful personality. This tale is a summary of the challenges faced so-far by a friend of mine who is specially abled.

Neha Kulashreshtha was born in Bangalore and has locomotor disability since her birth. Right from her childhood, she was mostly carried to all the places by her father. More than playing with dolls, she got herself used to taking aid of crutches to walk. While all other children of her age could run and play freely, she could only manage to walk around slowly with her support and it was really tedious.

After completing school and graduation, Neha decided to go to the US for her Master’s degree in International Business. She was from a middle-class family, however could finally do the same when she was awarded merit-based scholarship. Supporting herself all alone in a new country, amidst new people was something that gave her lots of shocks and surprises. Neha loved dancing and participated in wheelchair dance and wheelchair sports events. Although she could not walk, she tried her luck in swimming and even represented her state in many championships. She was placed campus placed in a reputed multinational company where she is a full-time employee now.

So far so good. Neha had an inter-caste arranged marriage and her spouse was initially very supportive towards her. However slowly her in-laws, their relatives and even her husband started eying at her salary and property. They slowly started torturing her and soon the situation grew worse. She was forced to handover her entire savings and salary and do all the household chores without a secondary support. She was never vocal about the issue and suffered in silence for a couple of years. This was because, she was aware of the pain of rejections and hardship she had to go through to find a match.

Finally, after a brawl one night, she was pushed out of her husband’s house and that marked the end of her marital life. The guy had an extra-marital affair and was ready to file for a divorce. Neha boldly agreed to the separation and co-operated peacefully because she knew she had higher things to aim for in life, by overcoming new challenges. She never felt weak or helpless. She has always been a very powerful person at her core.

After her legal process ended, Neha took up several overseas assignment and even worked in several high-risk nations in oil and gas sector. She was a project co-ordinator who led offshore teams in India. She is a woman who is bold, who loves her work and has earned her own identity. She is now heading a couple of projects and is an asset to the organization.

Not only as an employee, Neha is a part of an NGO and is actively engaged in initiatives that help specially abled people to learn driving using specially equipped vehicles. It had taken her go through thirteen surgeries to be able to walk with crutch support. So Neha wishes to gift a smile to people who have to walk through similar rough avenues in life. Yes, she is an organ donor card holder which she really feels happy to mention every time.

A bright smile, a jolly face, a good friend and a sincere employee of the organization – that’s Neha, who has only one question every time you go to her desk – ‘Hi there, How May I Help?’


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