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Humanly Inspiring !

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Inspiration …Motivation…!!Hang On!

    Where exactly it has to come from? Have you ever given a thought about it?I mean- Has it ever happen to you that you are binge-watching motivational videos but getting none of the inspiration out of it? Not even a single slight push!Whereas on the other side you suddenly feel the gravity of random heart touching moment which you weren’t even part of is giving you the push you were looking for your entire life.

     The other day, I was in casual conversation with my neighbor and there she told me about one of the social responsibilities that her friend is giving back to society as a human being.Human-Who is good at being human and for me her friend is. Who is also a working professional and does take time out for carrying out this social responsibility.

    Nowadays, we get to see the child “Daycare” is all around, I’d rather say healthy and normal child; whose parents are working for ‘n’ number of personal and professional reasons. But the very next what I was about to hear from my neighbor was an eye-opener. I had not even heard of an idea of having the special “Day Care” for all those mentally challenged babies or children out there who’s parent also are wanting to work for the very similar their own ‘n’ number of personal or professional reason-which they cannot do by ignoring the special care of their special babies and as a consequence they sacrifice their whole life looking after their special baby.I understand and with due respect, this is reality from my own experience back in my hometown-“The mother kept on looking after their special baby who was around 5 years old and was unable to get out of his rocker. And at last, all her hopes and the ongoing treatments gave up as he left this world. Only a mother can understand the sorrow of losing her child.”

    I was surprisingly shocked by knowing through my neighbor that her friend has started Day Care for these Special Souls-Well Deserved! And that all such special children in that special Daycare do love to get together, play and do some activity and have brunch together with their favorite people. They do have helpers and caretakers to look after them.

    You know what; the most deep-down heart touching thing I heard was here now…I want you all to recall the question that I asked at the very beginning of this blog. Where exactly the motivation has to come from?I am glad that I have an answer attached over here only.The owner of this organization has a daughter who is his Special Child and do need this same special care and so is taken care of under this social responsibility project of which he has taken charge of.

    So, the inspiration really has to come from within-something that should serve the purpose of giving inside out happiness to the soul of a human being.I wonder– in our professional life why are we bound to handle or execute our work project as if it’s a baby to us. Huh, never mind!But in real life, it’s obvious that a mother or parent would want to give his/her best love and care to their little.

Thank you for your consideration.

May your lit soul motivates you enough to do the next right thing towards your endeavors!


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