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In 2100,

you are always talking with her, Alex Don’t you remember I’m your first love?

Come onNeha, She is just a gynoid (feminine robot) I talk with her for her artificial consolence. I have to relax myself. you will always fight with me.

See our kid always plays with android and meca (huge robot for domestic purpose). Alex, seriously this is the real mechanical life we have to change it.

Stop talking rubbish the world is so fast. people are using mech- horses to drive fast. capsules have replaced food, and water. If you eat a capsule, it will give the taste of pizza, cheese and Carrot altogether. Even rich people travel to space through UFO (indentified flying objects) what else do you want?


Ok. Let’s watch a movie together.

Alex, the movie was about to start and you people are still with your mechanical machines.

(No response. But one good thing is hi-fi mechanical gadgets and machines are not allowed inside the theatre hall).

Soon the movie started Alex stared at his fluorescent digital watch which shows time.

Neha was upset.

But the movie was different. The screen was Black and it has nothing. It exactly looks like a black hole.

 An unfamiliar acoustic voice was heard.

Hi… Mech- friendly citizens! You people are addicted to mechanical & electronic gadgets. You have changed the purpose of technology. Now you are here. The screen is a mechanical hole similar to the black role. One by one you will be absorbed by this visible light emitted by the screen and you will travel at the fastest light speed and will be transmitted inside the screen. There a game will be given according to your level. And the game is ‘The race of death’. Let’s start it.

Who was the first?

Everyone  was silent. But a four year old kid raises her hand. Her mom was fainted in fear But the kit was ready. The kid travelled through light by tiny atoms and transmitted inside the screen.

Again the screen became dark within few minutes, the kid has returned. Everyone was happy and they all came to know, the acoustic only asked her name. After that, everyone started to raise their hands. The acoustic voice smiled. The kid was the only one to accept the real game instead of playing safe games in phones. So I have given an easy task for her. Now I will select one person who was going to play real death race. Soon a person transmitted to the screen.

He was in a different planet where trees are of different colours which emits spectrum. Everything was so different. He wore a space – suit which indicates 13 minutes to refill oxygen. He had a raygun (Laser gun) in his hand and he have to kill his opponents to refill oxygen every 13 minutes. He focused the opponent, but the opponent was the clone of himself. He was shocked. He have to shoot him otherwise the clone will go to the real world. So he shooted him and the game continues.

Like this, One by one everyone was transmitted inside the screen. But no one returned. Neha have been chosen the next. She strongly believed her mind. She enters the game. At first, she started to kill her clones. But she stopped at some point and started to think. The acoustic voice asked her to kill the opponent. Neha replied with confidence, see only electronic and mechanical machines need artificial things to survive. But humans have the ability to survive with nature.  I can inhale oxygen from trees. She removed the space suit and the CCA (snoopy cap- earphones) and inhaled oxygen from trees. The clones were vanished. She acoustic voice congratulated her and asked her to escape via fissure. But she refused and asked about other humans.

The acoustic voice speaks, this is what I need. People stops to think about humans. They started to think about humanoids. Your humanity was the key to success of this game. Go out and make others to come inside to help your fellow human beings to escape and one thing you should not compel them.

Neha come out and explained everything. At first, all of them hesitated. But their humanity won. They stopped searching in the internet to escape. They travelled with her and entered the planet. And made the fellow human beings to understand the game. Together they escaped.

The acoustic voice speaks, you all made it. I just wanted all of you to communicate with human beings instead of communicating with humanoids And Neha, I wanted to ask you something, I know you are visually – challenged, but you removed your vision scope lens before entering the game. Why?

I believed in my mind and you told me targeting will also be guided, human mind is the most powerful thing. Technology came from human mind. So technology should be a slave to us, we should not be a slave to them.

And Mr. Acoustic, who are you?

I am a xenomorph (Alien) and I came here to solve this Interplanetary predicament.


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