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It was a windy morning. The sun was still down. I was up at 3:45 am. I went in to take a bath, turned on the shower; the water was ice cold as my water heater was out of service. I put on my usual white checked shirt with blue jeans and tied my shoe laces. This was my everyday schedule. At 5 am, my cab came to pick me up. I was a Jr. technical analyst at the giant IT corporate – Deja Games which made games for android based devices. The game’s main character always had some sort of superhero powers which made their games stand out from others.

My job was to debug any errors that occurred while the user was connected to the cloud to save his/her progress, achievements, etc. “Lucky, don’t forget to attend the 1pm meeting, lots of errors have to be rectified.” This was my supervisor, Mr. Rajeev. He was a good person when he had work to give. We were working on this game called, “What’s in my hat?” It was like Doraemon but the gadgets were in the main character’s hat and instead of gadgets were these five element balls that when held in hand could be used to play with air, fire, water, sky and earth. The sky and earth element balls were to be unlocked at level 10. I attended the meeting scheduled at 1pm and got to know that the bugs that I debugged for this game were doubled due to changes in the main game coding. I was held responsible for it and the developer yelled at me that due to my debugging, he had to face a lot of issues in changing the game code. My supervisor, being loyal to the developer, fired me there and then and I was unemployed.

I went home with a broken heart and a broken wallet. I cried for a few minutes and then turned on my laptop. Filled with frustration and anger, I downloaded a screen capture software and a video editing software. Then, I opened the camera application on my phone and started recording. In the video, I introduced myself, told that I was fired that day and I won’t let anyone be fired like this, so gave them a tutorial on how to create a game from scratch. It was a 15 minutes video where I developed a small game with iteration seen in games like Temple Run and Subway Surfers. It was not that good but fine for a beginner to begin with. I edited it till 2am, added some sound and video effects. At 3am, it was uploaded on Youtube.  The title of my 1st video was, “I got fired and then I made this.” I slept and woke up at around 10 am. The first thing I did in the morning was to see the views on my video and was blown away. 1.4 billion views in just a few hours. I received an e-mail from Guinness World Records stating that my video broke record of getting a billion views in shortest span of time. From there, I started my journey of making my own games and teaching to make them as well. I have never looked backed once. I also never thought that getting fired could be so beneficial for someone.


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I am in my early 20s. Done with my graduation. I can speak and write English and Hindi, hopefully. I am learning french and love to do it. I seek for creativity. Art has been a good friend till now. Creativity is in every human being. Just let go of your mind's grip.


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