//I, you and us: A valentine’s special tale

I, you and us: A valentine’s special tale

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Beams of sun make their way through the gap between the curtains on the window across the bed. Scarlet tossed on the other side of the bed to avoid the dazzle on her face. Her husband Pratt entered in the room holding a tray with a ceramic mug place at center. Vapor of steam loomed over the rim of the mug spraying the room with essence of its content. He kept the tray at the table beside the bed and tousled her dark hair. Scarlet opened her eyes only to close them again.

“Honey wake up. It’s already 8:30. Carol told me about your visit with ‘Make a Wish’ foundation at 10” said Pratt as he caressed her pale cheeks.

“Tell her I don’t want to go” said Scarlet putting pillow over her face.

Pratt took away the pillow and asked “why so?”

Like a thunderbolt Scarlet sat upright. She stared at him. Her brows were knotted and her pale cheeks had a pink blush.

“You don’t know why?”

Tears started trickling down her face and continued “It’s hard to be always smiling. I had this sinking feeling every day when I see myself in the mirror. How can I make someone happy when I am not?”

Pratt gazed at her in silence. Each drop of her tear was drowning him in the sea of remorse. Remorse for his inability to turn back the wheels of time. To the time when all was good.

Two years ago, on their fifth marriage anniversary they decided to have a child. Scarlet, a national level gymnast, was at peak of her career but she was eager to embrace motherhood. Few months down the lane they got the news which they awaited for. One day while taking bath she felt a lump in her left breast. Diagnosis confirmed it to be a metastatic cancer. To proceed with the treatment with a heavy heart she aborted her pregnancy but the subsequent radiations and chemo left her unable to conceive again.

Her cancer treatment was a hot topic. Six months into re-emission, her manager Carol, had tough time to manage her schedule as invitations started pouring in for her to share her journey.

Day before yesterday it was another of such event with live audience. During question and answer round a woman asked her “There was news going round that you were planning to have a baby then your cancer news came out so how were you and your family able to cope with this change?”

Scarlet adjusted herself in chair. With pulled her lips into a smile and replied “I think something are better when you let it go with flow that is the only way to cope with an adversity”

After returning from there, she slept all the time. Carol told Pratt about that incident. Since then he has been trying his best to lift up her mood.

“Scarly, I know I cannot feel your pain. But I know one thing that sapling of life grows there where sunshine of hope, soil of determination and water of faith lies” said Pratt. He held her hand in his and continued “Some people are sun. They are meant to burn so that they can make others shine and destiny has made you a sun of so many lives. Go out. Be that sun. Don’t sit here and wait for days to turn into nights”

Scarlet was quite. She looked at Pratt. The crow’s feet at the corner of his eyes had deepened and his beard was grayer than before . They vowed to get old together but in her grief she left him alone. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. All of her life changing moments started popping up. Her first gymnast class, her first medal ever, national qualifiers, her marriage, pregnancy and then cancer; that’s where everything in her mind were coming to a standstill. She opened her eyes and said “Inform Carol I am coming”

Pratt exclaimed “Aye! Aye! Captain”

“And I love you” said Scarlet and pecked his cheek.



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