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A young man was gazing at the sky with disappointment. An old man came near to him and asked him ” Is everything ok? you seem to be disappointed? ” The young man replied back ” No, I am fine. ” The old man told him ” you can share your problem with me may be I can help you.”

The young man replied ” You know I have everything, I have enough amount of money to survive in this world, I have friends that motivate me, I have a family that loves me but still I feel that something is lacking in my life. ” The old man laughed and told him ” You know you are trying to become a perfect person. No one is perfect in this world my friend, everyone is imperfect. Life is all about “Happiness” and “Inner peace.” If you will try to become a perfect person then you will only get disappointment and in that process you will lose both these precious things. So, instead of becoming a perfect person you enjoy your imperfectness.”

The young man grinned and turned his face towards that old man. He astonished because the old man was on a wheel chair and was still smiling at him.


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