//In Everthing Negative There Is A Positive

In Everthing Negative There Is A Positive

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A few days ago our teacher took a surprise test. I was prepared ― or I thought I did. After all, I was a bright student and had scored good marks in all of my previous tests. I guess I was a little proud of my intellectual skills.

I sat down to give the test. The teacher passed us the questions. I looked at them calmly. Most of the questions seemed easy.

“I can do it. I can do it. I can do it” I whispered excitedly in my mind.

Then suddenly I saw it. Among the large nich of  seven questions was hidden a ten-marks question.

I stared at the question. It seemed to me like I have seen it somewhere.

“But where?” I struggled to think. The sum ― it was a Maths Test ― was there somewhere in the book. I was sure of it. I just could not remember where. To do the sum I required a particular mathematical formula that is an integral part of the sum.

I could not remember the formula. Neither can I remember anything else about the sum.

The teacher gave the command for us to start.

I tried to concentrate on the other sums. At least I can solve the rest of the questions correctly. Right? But it was easier said than done.

I was so vexed about the ten marks sum that I could not concentrate on the other sums. The formulas of all the other sums became blurred in my mind and all them became mixed to form a black puddle that extended into nothingness.

“I have failed” I thought despairingly.

In the rest of the test, I half-heartedly tried to to do some sums, most of which seemed too difficult to me now and were left without a final answer. It happened like this : I would try to to do an answer, think it is too long and difficult and leave it for later in favor of another sum

When the bell rang and the teacher began to collect the papers, I had completed no sums at all. I was in full depression.

  1. After the test, the teacher explained to us how to do all the sums. With a start, I realised that I had none of the sums correctly. I had failed in the test. I would get a zero.

During  the walk back home, I was very quiet. It was when I reached home that I broke down. I burst into tears.

In depression, I refused to study anymore or to go to tuitions.

It was during this dark time that my mother gave me some good advice.

She asked me, “Have you understood how to do the hard sum after ty teacher explained it?”

I said I did.

She then told me, “Then why are you sad. You should be happy for you now know that you will never do the hard sum wrong again. You have gained good knowledge today by failing the test. Try to see the positive in the negative.”

Suddenly, I realised that she was right. I should have seen the positive in the negative.

Mother also told me that I should have kept a calm mind during the test and did not have hyped, then I would have done the other sums correct. She also told me to always keep confidence in myself.

But apart from that, she stayed with me to console me for my failure.

Thank You, Mother. Thank you for staying with me when I needed you the most.



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