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Isn’t she human too ?!

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Hello everyone , first of all I would like to introduce you about myself , I’m Priya some how I just grew up from a child to teen but still a child from heart !
Sometimes I feel that the biggest mistake of my life is choosing my stream in engineering . Rarely I felt happy about my decisions which I took in my life .
It was my first day at my class of second year since I entered my branch ” mechanical engineering” huh all of you might think what is special in that even those where my thoughts when I was in my first year of engineering , since many branched where combined many girls where there and I had a good company , also that I was brought up being conserved since I studied in girls school & college so I did not have any experience in talking to guys .

But see how good fate is , where was I ? Yeah about my first day of my second year , all our branches got divided and we all friends split up to their own respective streams .

I entered my class , I was shocked to see no girl in my class , huh finally when I got to know I was the only girl in mechanical engineering of second year , I broke down into tears . I had no idea of how to even talk to a guy , but now I’m the only girl ! Damn what I should do ? How am I going to stay ? Thousands of questions and thoughts where running in my mind .

Sadly I passed all my days wondering how would I stay without any friends , also many times I thought of changing my stream …… Since it was my own decision to take mechanical engineering , I could not talk about discontinuing my studies with my parents since if I do so all I would get was handful of scoldings and hate , so I remained to be quiet happy in front of them and I would tell them I am happy in my class .

Day by day it was becoming very difficulty for me to survive in a class full of guys alone , my periods made it more worse ! I still remember I would wait still all the boys go out and later get up and go checking my dress . I used to wear homely dresses , I didn’t want anyone to see me in a bad way .

And worst part is I spent my leisure hours crying upstairs nearby my class ! I did not have any company to be with . All the boys showed attitude towards me and when someone volunteered to talk to me they spoke I’ll about us and made rumors .

Since then I made many friends in my class I cared less about what others spoke about me . Offcourse no one ever dared to speak in front of me . Like girls they used to speak behind my back , many bad guys commented about my appearance and looks , they used to talk about my past relationships and used to spread rumors to whom ever I was close as I was in relationship with that guy in the class .

I have good friends in my class as well as bad people too . I moved on crossed a sea and proved myself . Now I am stating this ” I am better than each and every guy in my class ” , I definitely owe this because I survived a very hard situation.

I’m just not telling a story here , there’s struggle of a girl everywhere ! No guy would bare the pain of menstruation nor maternity !


Respect her #

She can do miracles , you go girl get up never ever give up !



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I'm a soul which puts all of my happiness and sadness through ink and I would empower all the women by my writing and show my support towards them . I love writings ❤️

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