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One call can change your life”. I had seen this advertisement multiple times in my childhood, never expecting it was for me. It all started with a call.

My name is Ashish. I was born in the ancient city of Gaya, Bihar. According to Vayu Purana, Gaya was the name of a demon whose body became pious after he performed strict penance and secured blessings from Lord Vishnu. It was said that the body of Gayasura was transformed into the series of rocky hills that make up the landscape of Gaya. Bodh Gaya, where Buddha is said to have attained enlightment and is one of the four holy sites of Buddhism.

Inspite of living in a such a pious and religious place ,I couldn’t inculcate any religious beliefs and ideas .I had always preached logics and scientific reasoning but some incidents make you believe in God, not because of any miracles but simply because you want to, as sometimes it is the only hope.

I was always good in studies. Being the smartest child in my family, I was expected to do wonders. After my 10th I got selected in SUPER 30 ( yeah that Hrithik Roshan movie, but ran by a different person). With all the desires and expectations of my parents on my back, I landed in Patna. It was a busy city, full of vehicles and chaos. Soon I adapted to this strange place with an aim to crack IIT JEE.I worked really hard but it was a hard shell to crack. I used to struggle; one moment I felt low and the next moment I tried even harder. With these highs and lows, a year passed.

Then suddenly one night, everything changed. While I was studying for a test next day, one of my friend came with a wicked plan of calling a pretty girl of another coaching just for the sake of fun. I never knew how he managed to get her number. Frustrated with my studies whole day, I felt it was like a lake in the desert and I readily agreed. He gave me her number to call. I hesitated but I called.

I Love You”. These were my exact first words. I still don’t know why I said that.

What?? Who are you?”. She was amazed.

“I am Sachin, you don’t know me but I always wait for your glimpse outside your coaching”. I said.

Don’t call me again” she shouted angrily and ended the call.

But for us it was the beginning of a fun. I called her again with another number and I requested to listen to me once. But she denied each time. I kept calling her with different numbers. Finally she picked the call.

Why are you disturbing me”. She said in a very soft voice.

“ I just want to meet you once ,I really love you” I uttered.

She denied. But after convincing (literally begging) she agreed to meet at a nearby park after her classes and she ended the call. This was something we hadn’t expected.

Now, it was not even funny. All my friends wanted me to meet her as they considered it as “once in a lifetime oppurtunity”. I denied meeting her. I couldn’t sleep. Next morning, I gave my test but I couldn’t concentrate. I was in a dilemma. I wanted to meet her but I couldn’t deviate from my goals. Finally the former took control over my conscience and I went to meet her.

The moment I saw her, I was flattered. She was really pretty. Finally, I approached her and she stared at me suspiciously for a few seconds. My heart was beating rapidly. I felt she could hear my heartbeats. After few moments, She gave me a smile and started asking about me. I couldn’t say anything other than answering her. After 15-20 minutes we came back ,I dropped her and said “I am sorry for causing you any trouble ,if you don’t want, I wont disturb you again.’’ She just nodded.

Way back hostel, I couldn’t leave my phone, waiting for her call. Finally she texted me at night. I was really happy and I felt she liked me too. I called her. I confessed everything honestly. She got angry initially but later understood. We talked the whole night. We started talking everyday. I was falling in love with her with each passing day. We used to meet daily and spent as much time as possible together. I started lagging in my studies and within a months, my interest in studies faded. I wish I knew how to quit her. I felt guilty sometimes thinking of my parents but I felt helpless. I couldn’t resist myself loving her.

Our love blossomed. And in that child age the only thing I wanted was her. And in a span of few months ,I stopped attending my classes as was she. She stayed in a flat and I started visiting her often. We came closer. I felt the warmth taking her in my arms and she hides in my embrace and in the cold silence, I could hear her heartbeats. My mornings were happier and nights were loving.

But destiny played its part. Adding another month to our love life, I felt a bit odd. She started ignoring me, and at times we had little fights. I felt her attraction towards me declined. I tried to set things right but I couldn’t. And finally one day, while I was roaming in a park with my friends; I saw her hugging another guy who was her dance teacher.

That day, that moment, I could feel that pain in my heart. I came back to my hostel and after an hour or so, I enquired where was she and she lied. I abused her. We had a big fight and I was in tears. My life felt meaningless. This was something I could never imagine. I broke my sim card and I called my father and the next day I came back home leaving my city of dreams or darkness.

Exams were near and I was broken. I couldn’t concentrate because I missed her. Humans are complex creatures. To distract myself, I used to listen sad songs but I couldn’t figure it out I did that to forget her or to remember her more. Somehow I passed my exams and as expected I couldn’t fulfil my parent’s dreams. Everything shattered. I was the lone warrior who had nothing to lose. But somewhere in that darkness, a part of me always said that things are gonna be alright. Next day, I said my father that I want to give one more attempt. I came to Kota with all her memories. I couldn’t focus for few days, but I tried harder each day. I wanted to take revenge from her. How could she do that to me?

Chaos is a ladder and I climbed it. I got passionate about my goal and studied harder and currently I am in my 3rd year graduating from IIT Roorkee. It had been four years I hadn’t seen her and I don’t even want to. Maybe she was the reason for my success or maybe not.

Life can be unfair at times. I couldn’t regain all my pieces together but I discovered a new me. Anything that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness ,it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair. I got what I desired but not her and the worst part is, I couldn’t forget her. I realised love is immortal. It never ends.



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