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It is the end of another rehearsal at the dance studio. Students are leaving the floor for the day as Peter, a jolly old man of 65, slowly walks in; wearing a dangling dungaree and a worn-out golf cap with a bucket of water and a mop in his hand.

Once the floor is clear, he gently picks up the mop and starts to sweep across, whistling all the way. He sings to the mirror of the empty studio “Tuney O Rangiley kaisa jaadu kiya/ Tune o ANGILA kaisa jadu kiya/ Bahon me chhupa ke yeh kya kiya”

Peter usually makes sure to mop the floors twice a day, they say it helps in fluidity. The next morning,  Peter comes back to his shift and finds out that the main door is already open. It has to be Rati, the infamous Monkey Man, who burgles into people’s houses while they are out for morning walks.

In utter desperation, Peter picks up his sun-dried mop and hurries inside. He has to teach Rati a lesson. But, before he could figure a thing, he slips on the wet floor and falls with his feet wide apart.

Peter was now too embarrassed to find out that instead of the monkey man there was a lady dressed in a beige frock and apron, in the studio.

PETER: Pregenza!

PREGENZA: Bhoot dekh liya kya?

PETER: Tu idhaar ghusi kaise?

PREGENZA: Mujhe idhar naachna hai.

PETER: Kya? Abbe chal nikal..umar dekhi hai apni…idhaar dance hota hai bhajan nahi

Pregenza does not flinch.

PREGENZA: Tu ukkhad le jo ukkhadna hai tujhe. Main toh naachoongi!

PETER: Ja ghar pe naachh re. Yeh floor bachho ka hai.

PREGENZA: Tu kaunsa jawaan hai, Peter. Tujhko sharam nahi aata re, sab dekha hai maine kal..

PETER: Jesus, Pregenza tu spying karti hai mere upar?

PREGENZA: Ey Bhondu! Line wine nahin marti hu tujhe. Mere paas mera Sam hai..

She turns the mop upside down and hugs the mop, caressing it like Sam’s beard.

PETER: Chhuna mat usko, woh meri Angela hain!

PREGENZA: Isney aisa bola terey ko?

Peter draws a long face, and gently motions to get up from the floor. Pregenza feels bad, she approaches Peter and advances the mop in his direction. Peter glances at Pregenza and holds the mop-stick. As he pulls it and tries to get up from the floor, Pregenza loses her control and falls flat beside Peter on the floor. They both burst into laughter.

Pregenza readily snatches the mop from his hand and starts to kick in the air and dance crazily.

PREGENZA: Saiyaan dil me ana re, aake phir na jaana re…


They keep dancing on one song after the next. The floor gets dry, wet and dry again with buckets getting tipped over and rolling with their twists, turns, and kicks.

Suddenly, the room fills with the applauses from the students of the studio. They are here for the morning class.

At the other corner, an old man of 70 in a wheelchair is seated with two mops in his hands. He blushes on seeing the dance master.

DANCE MASTER: Freddy! You rock man! This is like next-level mop dancing ya! Thank you so much for the inspiration, Freddy.

The troupe calls out “Fr-ed-D! Fr-ed-D!”

Freddy points to the mops on his hands.

FREDDY: Mujhe nahi, Sam aur Angela ko bolo- Thank you!

Freddy gathers his mop sticks with the bucket and rolls his wheelchair towards the door.  His smile widens as he gets out of the door. His words echo.

FREDDY: Sirf jhoomte jaaney ka!



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