//Journey from Dusk to Dawn

Journey from Dusk to Dawn

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“DESIRES + VIBRATIONS = REALITY” – never knew that equations could be applied to solve real life problems apart from the problems of mathematics and science until, I met this seraph accidently.

I clearly remember that hot summer Saturday morning, I was sitting on my couch with a plate full of macaroni and lost in my thoughts. It was that lowest point of my life where things couldn’t go any more worse as I was on the verge of loosing my job and going through personal turmoil. It then took me one more hour to get out of that couch and buckle up for the day ahead. I was ready to leave for my office when a friend of mine asked for a favour. He had a seminar to attend in half an hour at a venue near to my office and asked for a lift. I dropped him there and left for my office. On the way, I realized that he left his wallet in my car. So, I went back to give it to him. The venue had many auditoriums. Hence, it was difficult to find the one he was in. I tried calling him but he didn’t receive. Within a minute he called back and directed me the way to his auditorium and I handed over his wallet.

While heading towards parking, I heard an euphonious voice. I was attracted by the voice and decided to go inside where I found a lady with a dignified personality, narrating something to the room full of listeners. After listening to her for few minutes, I realized that her knowledge and approach towards handling the struggles of life was completely different from mine. The two hours session acted as an eye opener for me. She simply combined the ideas of life with power of science and proved that law of attraction = law of karma. The lady, beautifully explained that our thoughts have the power to increase or decrease the intensity of our problems. She made us realize the fact that our “thoughts become reality” as they are magnetic and have a frequency which can be measured.

As we think, our thoughts are sent out into the universe and they attract all like things which are vibrating on the same frequency. She also described, everything that is coming into our life is attracted to us by the virtue of the images we hold in our mind. If we see it in our mind then we are going to see it happening in reality. All we need to do is to hold on to the thoughts of what we want, no matter how terrible the situation is and make it absolutely clear in our mind. With that positive approach, we start to invoke the greatest laws of universe i.e. law of attraction. She also pointed out that the only problem with us is we continuously think about what we don’t want rather than focusing on our actual desire. We keep on asking for a miracle but fail to work on our thought process.

By emphasizing only on the optimistic thoughts we can change our destiny and see the miracle happening in front of our eyes. I personally recommend this theory as I have inculcated it in my life and found my solace. That day the most treasured piece of advice I took back with myself was “You are your own inspiration”.


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I am not a writer by profession but i am a strong believer of "Pen is mightier than sword". I am neither a philosopher by profession but i blindly follow that "I cannot teach anybody anything, i can only make them think".

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