//Journey of failure

Journey of failure

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A boy who topped the school and college as well & decided to go in commerce stream called CA. After joining the course he started the classes, still he failed to crack the entrance exam & face his life’s first failure. He felt too ashamed off to say that he failed in the entrance and still he again attempted the entrance exam but because of some few marks he failed & this time everyone were like “You are a topper and still failed!! where’s your top preperation”. He got frustrated from his family, society & feeling lonely and decided to write his feelings on a paper & thought like, am I the only one who feels like that? Am I the only one who got failed?

And the idea of expressing his loneliness towards the public reaches to the mind & he instantly start his each and every part of loneliness in the Instagram stories. And strangers got impressed from his writings, again he thought that lets create a Page to express my feelings to the people & finally created page and daily post his feelings & response from the people itself becomes his motivation & now I’m here with my new and small family called my page family.


About the Author:

A person with loneliness & spreading his loneliness towards the people through his feelings.💢

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