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Nowadays, it is very simple for one person to communicate with another person. If you ask me
how about 25years ago, I will say that it is hard as much as we imagine. Yes, there is a card which
is yellow in color was used by the people to communicate with the close ones. It will take some
days to reach them and after which they will revert which again takes a couple of days. So think
how hard it was. Now question yourself whether you have this patience to communicate with
others. I know that majority of the people will say “NO” to this since the technology plays an
important role across the world now by which one can share the information to others within a
sec. That was the time where people was adapted to this but now if we try to go back to the same
is impossible.

That’s an interesting one right. I would like to take you to those days in this story.

Are you ready to travel with Natesan??

The story is all about the life of Natesan and Durga who live in Kodiyakkarai near Vedaranyam
around 24 years ago. Natesan’s father is a fisherman and his mom sells fish near kodiyakkarai
areas. Natesan was living with his grandmother since childhood, so he is always very relax and
calm. He was very dull in studies but he had brought many changes in his school. In which, the
students were urinating on the compound walls and there was no response even after so many
warnings from the teachers. They do not know how to stop them from these activities. Natesan
told that he can fix this in two days. Few teachers accepted and the others teased him.

Natesan took a person who paints boats in his areas to the school and told him to paint the
compound wall. On the next day, teachers stunned and students were confused but still few
students were urinating on the wall. How do you think that painting a wall will stop them from
these activities asked Durga? Natesan told “wait and see”. Again he asked his friend to draw Gods
pictures on the wall. The entire teachers and students were stunned by Natesan’s brilliance.
Teachers appreciated him but still they worried about his studies. Everyone knows that Natesan
has a capability to complete tasks which others think impossible except himself.

One day, Natesan was having his lunch with his grandma, suddenly a voice saying “anybody
inside, you have a letter”, Natesan got the letter and started eating again. Durga asked what the
letter all about is. He told that I should not do anything while eating as advised by my
“paati”(Paati means Grandma in English) and then he slept. Suddenly it was raining outside and
inside the house as well since it is damaged. He started placing vessels in the places where water
drops inside. He noticed the letter on the table and he opened it. It’s written that
“I have been
watching you for so many months, you are not going to school properly, even if you go, you are
not studying. You are thinking that what this studies is going to give in your life. These sayings
will be used by lazy and crazy people. Yes you are a loser. Regards – the one of the persons who
is waiting to tease you”.

After reading this, Natesan was thinking a lot and refused to have dinner. However seeing his
grandma too avoiding dinner, he agreed to eat. At that time,
Natesan: Paati, what if I study or not study?
Durga Patti: Whatever natesa, you will be good.
Natesan: Answer me paati.
Durga Patti: what happened Natesa? Since your father is not educated, his own brother took all
the properties.
Natesan: So… to become educated person is to cheat others?
Durga Paati: No my dear. If you are an educated person, then you can offer foods to this village.
Natesan was continuously reading the letter and thinking deeply that night. Finally he wrote “I
won” at the bottom of the letter.

He wrote the same in all his books and kept the letter in his pocket. He went to school and sat on
the first bench. He started listening the classes and also questioning teachers. Meanwhile, he
kept on receiving letters saying
“Loser”. He did not bother about this and focused only on studies.
Teachers were shocked after seeing his attitudes toward studies. He gradually moved to higher
level in studies and career. He never stopped writing “I Won”.

After several years, he returned to his village as a Doctor. Everyone was happy. Natesan had one
wish which he wants to go inside sea. Even though Natesan belongs to seashore areas, he never
entered into the sea. His dad decided to fulfill his son’s dreams. He took him inside sea to certain
distance. Natesan scared after seeing water surrounded by him. He was thinking how his dad can
do this. He questioned his dad that “what makes you to enter into sea? Won’t you feel scared?”
Whenever I enter into sea, I remember only about my family, his dad replied with a smile.
Natesan was thinking what made him to achieve this. Then Natesan took the letter from his
pocket and reading the content again. His dad asked about this. Natesan informed everything to
his dad. Suddenly, his dad turned the boat to seashore. Natesan asked what happened but no
response from his dad. They reached the seashore and went to their house.

Natesan’s dad opened the old rusted suitcase and gave the letter to Natesan. Tears rolled from
Natesan’s eyes after reading the letter. Yes all the letters were posted by his paati “Durga”. She
informed Natesan’s dad to give this letter to Natesan after he became doctor. In the letter, it is
written “
You Won My Dear”!

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