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Life ~ an echo of universe!

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The Dilemma

“I try a lot to grow out of the situation, but they won’t let me grow. I am surrounded by so much stress. Things won’t work out for me in any case.”

There I was blabbering like a complain box in front of Swamiji whom I had just met a few hours ago.

“Yes, I understand. Everything will be fine. Just align back with yourself.” he said, calmly.

My lips paused, but my mind wasn’t tired yet, so it went on….

“How the hell can I align with myself? How in the world can I be silent? Do you even know what is happening in my life? How much miserable I am? Why are such things happening to me only? What wrong have I done to deserve so much pain?”

The Crisis Amidst

It was 7:00 p.m. in the evening when this conversation took place at Sanskrutik Dham, located in the dense forests in the Dang area. After this conversation, we quietly had our dinner and went to sleep.

This trip was meant to be the one where I was supposed to just relax and go back to my house and deal with the same shit again in the same way. But who knew, that this would be the point from where I could differentiate the before & after versions of myself.

The next day, I spent the rest of my day roaming here and there in a place where there were very few people and many trees, communicating with the chirping birds and running along with the cows. I met Om & Shree – two little tortoises and a turtle named Shubham. This place was nothing less than a divine resort to rest one’s soul.

The Conclusion

Then came the evening where I accompanied Swamiji to experience the sunset in utmost silence. The place was so silent that even saliva gulping down the throat could be easily heard by the person sitting next to you.

Suddenly Swamiji shouted looking up at the sky, “Ooooo…”

The voice echoed back giving the same vibrations “Ooooo…”

This act of shouting left me a little surprised because I had imagined him to be a serious and sincere person. This fun element was not at all that I expected. However, I enjoyed it.

Without any delay, I got along and we started shouting one by one. Just like those kids who had no idea about the word ‘echo’ and were thinking that there was a person sitting on the other side talking back.

After a few minutes of fun, he paused and asked a question,

“Brinda, what is coming back?”

“Sound!” I said confidently

“Yes, indeed. What sound?”, he inquired.

“The sound which we are throwing out is coming back to us”, I effortlessly explained.

“Exactly. What you give out echoes back to you” he said firmly with a smile on his face.


And that was it!

Something shifted drastically at that moment which will never reverse for the rest of my life.

Thereafter, I became conscious of what I was throwing out. A new light awakened within which hindered me from throwing out any kind of words, energies or vibrations which I never wanted back in my life. The universe is a simple energy that works on reflecting back what you throw out. It always gives us, the CREATOR, an opportunity to make a choice. However, we are so busy complaining and brooding about our ideas, we almost miss out on its magic.

The idea here is not to make you realize that you will get worse if you do bad, but to make you feel empowered by helping you realize that there always lays a choice to emit the best energies so that you attract such things. 

Feel empowered, not helpless! 




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