//Life is Full of Surprises

Life is Full of Surprises

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While growing up, most of us have been frequently asked: “What do you want to become in future?” I was good at plenty of things, but great at none. One day, I would wish to become a fashion designer while the very next day I would dream of becoming a pilot. I was unable to decide on any career option. So I was embarrassed every time upon being asked about my future goals. I have spent days thinking, worrying, crying and getting frustrated about it.

Such was the situation during my Tenth Grade examinations. Soon, the results were out. I had secured 98.8%. I was in such a state where I could name the college, fill the form and get admission in it. I know I should have been happy about that. But I wasn’t, because I did not even know which stream I wanted to study in. Since I could not figure that out, I relied on what my father thought was appropriate for me. That’s how I ended up taking Commerce in the renowned H.R. College.

I thought, ‘With time, I will be able to decide on my career’. Nevertheless, I am as clueless about it as I used to be back then. Nothing much has changed in that respect in these three years except for my opinion about it. I believed that most of the people know what they want to do in life. But I have realised that many people are unaware of their calling. I am convinced that this is quite normal.

This transformation did not happen all of a sudden. Gradually I stopped panicking about it. The Degree College admission procedure had started, but I still had to decide a stream to graduate in. I tried analysing all the streams and developed an interest in Financial Markets. So, I thought of pursuing BFM (Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Markets) and filled the admission form for it. But I wasn’t sure if I would get into BFM in H.R. College. But I wanted to continue in H. R. College itself. So, as a backup, I filled form for B.Com. Out of nowhere, I filled form for BAF (Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance) as well. I did not get into either BFM or BAF in the first two merit lists. However, looking at the cut-offs of the second list made me hopeful of securing a seat in BFM in the third list. But, sometimes your plan doesn’t work out because God has a better one. My name did not appear in the third merit list of BFM, but it did appear in that of BAF. No doubt, I took admission in BAF. But if you would have asked me about it even a month before the admission, it was never on my mind.

Life is unpredictable. We never know what is coming next. We wish for something, plan for something and get something else. By worrying about the future, we ruin the wonderful present. So we must devote all our energy to present tasks to make a great future.


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