//Life is made by you.

Life is made by you.

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This is a story, of a girl which was yes, an introvert, who was alone and she had no friends, which made her feel alone and suffocated all the time, but she made a  decision to give yourself a chance, to make some good friends and have a normal life, like everyone, she tried hard to ho out of her zone and made some new friends, she enjoyed this new life a little, because she doesn’t feel alone now, but who knew life had a new turn for her, life was always hard for her, her friends with whom she shared each and every moment of her life, left her as everyone else does, she trusted them blindly and they were just using you to get advantage for them, and her heart broke brutally, then she thought, is she so bad? Is she not worth it? that no one wants to stay with her, like real, is something wrong with me? Questions filled in her mind, but she decided not to let herself down again, the people who are gone, they don’t know what they are missing, and she stood up on her own, and walked strongly through this tough life, which was never her friend, who was worst to her, but she didn’t give up on herself and after some time she got back to her happy life forgetting everything that happened, and she found her passion her love in writing, she loved writing and shared her feelings through her words and thoughts to all the people, she was loved and appreciated for her work, which made her love herself more and more every day because that was the only thing that she loved, and by her passion, she got new friends and a new life which was full of happiness and love, and never ever felt alone after that.


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