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Life of a Prostitute

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“You need to get ready by 11, a man in coming by”, the lady incharge spoke rather ordered me.

Every night I’m forced to sleep with different mens to relieve their stress.

What do I get in return? Abuse, disrespect and yes two meals per day too.

Sighing I got up from the bed and stood in front of the full length mirror. I wasn’t like this before I was brought here. I used to smile, attend college, I used to dream of becoming a doctor like every ordinary girl. Like every ordinary girl ,I fell in love. His name was Ayush.

We both used to go to same school. Life was so beautiful with him until one day these mens kidnapped me and brought me here. I’m stuck here.

I miss my parents. Taking a few steps near the drawer I opened it. I took out the photo of my mom and dad, a tear escaped from one of my eye. Are they even searching for me? Then haven’t they found me yet? It’s almost been 5 years.

I got changed and waited for a man to fuck me. After a while, a guy in his mid 20s, probably at my age walked in and closed the door. He looked a bit familiar.

“Wear these clothes”, he said and handed me a bag. I took it and wore them. It was a beautiful salwar kameez which covered my whole body. I silently stood in front of him smiling.

“You look beautiful.. Now that you’re completely dressed”, he said. I blushed for the first time in a long time. It was such a rare compliment.

“Don’t you remember me?”, he asked with hopeful eyes.

I stared at him but couldn’t recognise him. I shook my head negatively.

“I’m Ayush!”, he said as tears roll down my cheek but from happiness. I hugged him, he hugged me back. I finally found a home.


About the Author:

Aishwarya Halingali is a 19 years old girl from Belgaum, Karnataka. Currently persuing her Bachelor of Computer Science degree. "The deeper the scar, a better writer you are", is what she believes in. Writing is not just a hobby it's her inner voice. She stresses mainly on womanhood. Atticus is her only inspiration.

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