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Today we all are crying as I have lost my dad just because of some people. Mom is broken, just shattered into pieces and my twin siblings, they are also crying however they are so young that they don’t know why they are crying, they are just one-year old kids. In the last few days I have seen the reality of most relationships and friendships .Isn’t it weird how 90% of our friends aren’t really our friends, and relatives on whom we rely on, betray us so easily without even blinking their eyes maybe that’s also the reason my dad died as he was so despondent of them that he believed that not even one relative would help him. We are grieving our loss, I have done my dad’s last rites. Days are passing in a blur, there is certain darkness around us, many people come to visit us, cry with us but nobody can stay with us in this darkness, we are just four who have to face and come out of it together or maybe stay here together. Neighbours, relatives, friends and even our houseworkers have changed, now they think that our family won’t be of any help in their time of need so they don’t want to help or stay with us. Everyone thinks we are weak and fragile without any adult man in our house. We were betrayed by our own people who promised to stay with us forever but left us after the incident. They make us realise our loss every day even after seeing our misery. My mom still cries when they blame her for my dad’s death although everybody knows that he died of Hepatitis B, still they enjoy her pain. But in reality, maybe we are really weak as right now we can’t handle our finances, documents, health and even ourselves. Some people have helped us and that’s the only reason we are not broken or destroyed, maybe someday I will help them or someone broken like us but I wish nobody goes through that abyss. Now it’s decided we will no longer live on others mercy we will fight everyone if needed for our self-respect, our life and for each other and now we need a new start away from this hell but where to go? We need to think…

Time is same for us in darkness but in reality, the clock is always moving and we have decided to move to Bhopal near my Mamaji’s home. And as we are taking our last items to shift to Bhopal we are crying because we know that we are leaving our happiness, pride, friends and a place where we thrived along with our sadness and grief however we always will have that loss of my dad along with us no matter how hard we try. In Bhopal the house is dark and we need to light it up by our love, we need to paint it by our hard work and decorate it by our achievements be it small or big. Days are moving but this time we are also working day and night and this time we are independent we are maintaining our finances and home and everything. Today as I write this sitting on my rooftop, we all are smiling with tears in our eyes, tears because we lost my dad and smile because we learnt to stand up again.

In the end we have learnt that no matter whose fault it was, it’s just our responsibility to make everything right in our life while walking side by side.


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Just a simple girl who loves to learn and grow and after my dad ,I have started to see the world from a different perspective so I try to weave my those emotions in some simple words

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