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Little Maddy

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A little boy who was born with much care and amidst some distress. The boy who brought smiles in the lives of others, a cherry pie, a munchkin, a cutie pie, he was looked after by everyone. With time, his height grew, so did his weight and so did all of him. Memories were created, one after the other, first month birthday, second month birthday, and so on! The unslept nights, fighting for rights, time flew what remained were lots of memories and memories.


Trying to stand and falling several times, he finally learned how to stand on his feet. Holding the index fingers of elders, he took his first steps, kept practicing and one day started walking all by himself. The little steps walking with those shoes making choo choo sound with each step, he started running, believing he could do anything. The little boy would pick the garbage and throw in the dustbin found in the local park. Loved by mother, dear to father and everyone else, things changed one day when his little brother arrived.


Duties increased, now he was not the only one, love was shared, the mother was shared, the father was shared and so did all things. He would look at his little brother in amazement, would stare at him when he yawned. To see a baby tinier than him was new to him, he would touch his face, hold his ears, play with him but at times ask his mother to put his little brother down and pick him instead. He would wake up crying in his sleep looking for his mother, would hold her finger and sleep again. Still, he was the apple of everyone’s eyes but now the attention had divided, the change was new to him.


He started playing by himself, remained alone, wouldn’t eat, and ask everyone to go. He started laughing a bit less, he fought for his rights but then withdrew. He stood all alone looking at everyone. Struggling, trying to play with his little brother but never treating him with negativity. He continued to be a good boy only seeking affection. The little boy slowly grew up to live by himself, grew thin, ate lesser and cried when suffered from cold fearing what had happened to him. He got thinner and sadder and withdrew himself into a shell coming out of it at his own will.


The change seemed difficult to him, although he adored his little brother, he still wanted everything to be like before. It irritated him to see things getting different than how they used to be. He was only two years old after all. But one day at a time, slowly and gradually he dealt with it. With time, he grew up and learned the most important lesson, he understood that to welcome the new, you need to let go of some old. He became familiar with the art of letting go and enjoying what he had in the current moment. Little Maddy became a happy survivor at a tender age, all set to move ahead and guide his younger brother by holding his little finger.


P.S. – Change, no matter how old we are may seem difficult, all we need to do is give time, breathe, accept, hold on and let go.


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