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Love does not need words to express

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Before I start my story, let me first introduce myself.

I’m Deepak Singh Thakur and I’m an Electrical Engineer. I live in

Indore(M.P). My hobbies are sketching and watching cricket. Though I can’t

Play cricket. I had gone under some medical treatment and the medicines hit

My legs and after eighteen years of trouble, I was finally cured but my

Legs are not allowed to run and play cricket.

I don’t know about love and other feelings because my life was filled with

Only pain.

Basically, I became an introvert. The fear of expressing myself always

Tormented me.

So I am sharing my experience on true love. I hope you connect with it.

A few days ago…


I completed my engineering and started training on PLC- SCADA in industrial

Automation. Every day I had to stand in line for I-bus. Well, it was hectic but we had no other options. We used I-bus to travel from Vijay agar

To Bhawarkua and my friend Ravindra Singh Thakur used to meet me on

Bhawarkua  bus stop every day.

One day, I was reaching the bus stop with full enthusiasm and I was wearing a

Royal Blue Colour T-shirt and Black Jeans. Finally, I reached the bus stop within 7

Minutes from my home. I stood in line for a bus ticket. Suddenly I felt

Someone is holding my T-shirt from the back. I was angry and I turned to see but

Then I saw one cute girl, her color was fair and she had braided long pony.

She was pointing out on the ticket counter but I couldn’t understand and I

Moved on from that stop because few people who stood behind me scuffled

Me. I sat in the I-bus and after 25 minutes, I reached Bhawarkua bus


Ravindra was waiting for me at the bus stop.

I smiled and went to the training Institute with him, silently. Ravindra was

Saying so many things but I was silently heading with my footsteps towards

Training Institute. He jerked me by his elbow on my hand and asked me “Bro,

What happened? Is everything fine ?”

I said to him “Nothing, just leave it “.

We entered our Institute and placed ourselves in the assigned spots.

Ravindra again asked me ” Are you ok ?”

I answered “Yes Raven.”

“Then why are you smiling continuously?”

I muttered to him “I will tell you if it will be successful”.

Ravindra told me “Okay. But promise, you will tell me”.

We completed our work and moved on.

“You know Deepak, sometimes we are falling in one-sided love and we smile

And we expect so many things but expectations always hurt” Ravindra added

In his words.

I just whispered “hmm” and smiled.

After one hour I came to my home and I was searching for my sketchbook after a

Very long time.

My sister asked me “what are you searching Banyu ?”

I replied with “nothing” to her.

She stared and shouted “Mamma, he is searching for something and is

Messing the whole room”.

Mamma asked me tenderly “what happened Beta? What are you searching for?”

I asked Mamma “Do you know where my sketchbook is?’

Mamma told me “No. Why ?”

I told her “I want to sketch something”.

Mamma asked me to check it in the old books drawer. I smiled and searched

my sketchbook & found it there.

I thought-

” I’m always incomplete without my mother because my mother is my

inspiration “.

In the evening time, I had tea and kept thinking about that unknown

beautiful girl and hoped for the best.

I had to go to buy groceries and returned home after 2 hours.

I ate dinner around nine and I started to draw a sketch with my pencil but my

parents were seeing I then I hid all the things and I sat with them.

After some time, we slept. At 1 AM I woke up and drew the sketch.

The next day, in the morning, I was ready to go to my training Institute and I

kept that sketch in my bag. I again stood in the line and waited for that

unknown girl but she didn’t come. My mobile was buzzing and I saw Ravindra’s

name on my mobile display and I received his call.

“Hiiii, ” I said to him.

“Hello, I’m waiting for you at Bhawarkua” Ravindra told me.

“Ok, I will come after few minutes” I muttered to Ravindra and I cut his


I was waiting for her but I couldn’t able to see her in the bus stop.

After 5 minutes , I saw that girl in the white suit but her hair was opened

and falling with air. I ripped my bus ticket and again I stood in a ticket

line. She stood near me and pointed for a ticket then I helped her collect the ticket from the ticket counter.

I gave her a ticket in her hand then she was continuously staring at me. I was steering me by her finger and wanted to say thanks but I didn’t

understand then I asked her “what are you saying?”

She was staring at my lips and she sprouted one piece of paper from her bag

and wrote, “Thank you “.

I said to her “pleasure of mine ” then she drew a smiley emoji on that

paper and I asked her about herself.

She wrote in beautiful writing

“my name is Preeti Rana.I’m in 1st year I can’t speak and listen. I’m here

to learn my language”.


I smiled and said “Ok…”

Then I wrote my introduction at the back of the same paper.

I wrote in a paper, “BBye, I will meet you tomorrow.”

Preeti drew a smiley on paper and wrote Bye.

I arrived at Bhawarkua bus stop after 30 minutes and we were very late that


Ravindra was waiting for me on the chair of the bus stop when he saw me then

he moved his hand for me and he said me “Good morning “.

I greeted him”Good morning “

On that day I was so happy for myself because I knew…..



I told to Ravindra “Can I ask one thing?”

Ravindra said to me “Yes My Jaan”.

I asked ” When you love someone and if she has any physical problem then

what would you do?”

“I will be with her in any situation and condition” Ravindra added to his


I told to Ravindra “Ok”.

Ravindra asked me “Yesterday you were smiling whole day but today you are

behaving like a crazy guy. What has occurred to you ?”.

I answered “Nothing, dude. my friend is falling in love with a girl and her

is not able to talk and listen”.

Ravindra told me “oh..it’s too painful “.

That day was awesome for me. I didn’t know whether I loved her or not, but

that feeling for someone was really amazing.

And days passed in a beautiful way.

After seven days…..

We knew each other very well and I was helping her in learning her

communication but I didn’t know when that attraction was changed into love.

We had habits to share everything on paper in writings and expressed our


I met her at Vijaynagar but this time our place was changed. I met her at

Apna Sweets (restaurant).

I sprouted a little diary from my bag and we started talking to each other.

I wrote in the diary page “do you love anyone ?”

She was blushing and pointed on me by her finger and she said: “I like you”.

I said, “Ohh…and I smiled”.

She wrote on the paper “I want to go from here because I have work “.

I said by showing me up the thumb to her. She understood and she sprouted one

paper from her bag and wrote in a diary “please read it after I go from here “

“Ok Preeti,” I wrote my words behind her words.

I reached at Bhawarkua on time then Ravindra asked me ” you are coming on

time after many days, what happened?”.

I answered” When I will be behaving like crazy then you will understand I’m

happy, If I will be silent then you will understand I’m sad “.

Ravindra laughed loudly and told me” Ok.I will see”.

After 3 hours….

Our training time was over and I was with Ravindra on Bhawarkua bus stop

then I remembered, “Preeti gave me one paper “.

I was excited about that paper because she didn’t give anything before that.

I arrived home after 40 minutes and I opened that letter.

“I don’t know how to start but, there was a time when I never believed in

love at first sight. But after our daily paper conversation in a diary,

things have changed. I often find myself thinking about you and seeking

excuses to talk to you. Well, believe it or not, but the fact is I have

fallen in love with you. I read someone write-up that I feel it with you

dear, We are all a little weird and when we find someone whose weirdness

is compatible with our to join up with them and call it love”

Yes, I love you in all way because my day starts with you and ends with you.

When the sunshine comes on the earth surface then you put a smile on my face with

you’re ‘good morning’ in plastered voice and when I’m talking about a night

dear you know half of the world sleep in a night with milky night but my

the world always talks to me in all nights without expectations with stars and

imagine you.

Every girl thinks before the sleep “her eyes will open in the next morning with

his Prince Charming but every time you are with me and you fulfilled my all

dreams…I’m happy for you because you care about me more than yourself.

I love you more than anything dear.

Because you know that…

Firstly we were stranger

Then we were friends

Now you are my entire world…….

I don’t know, you will like it or not but only I want to express my

feelings for you because I know I’m speechless, I can’t express my words in

talkative way. I couldn’t hide my feelings for you…You are awesome, you

are always with me

The first time I am close to someone in a few days.

I love you so much…..


My eyes were a little moist because I wanted her, I loved her and I cared

for her……. I was so happy that day and I want to say all the things to

Ravindra but I thought, I will say all stuff to him tomorrow. My day passed

with lots of happiness.

Next day…….

I saw her at a bus stop, she was wearing a white color suit because white suits her I complimented, her Ducati was falling with air.

I came close to her and hugged tightly. Preeti grabbed me in her arms.

I had learned many symbols from Google and Preeti then she tried to tell me

“I have work then I should go ” she was going on for her work then she

stopped and came close to me. She gave me another letter to me and moved on

but I was running behind her and I hold her hand I gave that folded

sheet(her sketch) in her hand.

Preeti ascent on bus and she was continuously staring without blinking, my heartbeat wants to say so many things but I hid my feelings in my heart and

I opened another letter.

“Deepak…..I know I gave one love letter to you yesterday but I want to

say one thing please don’t spoil your life for a speechless girl, you will

get a beautiful angel one day. You can move on in your life because I will go

Berhampur for my study and disease. Thank you for everything, you gave me

other amazing, adventures, lovely life. Love you so much

You’re Preeti


 My tears were rolling on my cheeks and I couldn’t do anything for her

because I didn’t know her address, only I knew that she was going to


On that day I didn’t go to the training Institute and I called Ravindra. I

told him everything.

He said to me “Don’t worry, we will wait for her. If she will not meet you

then we will go to Berhampur”.

I cried loudly and remembered every moment with her. I was totally changed

after that incident because I didn’t eat properly. I didn’t laugh properly

even….I didn’t live properly.

Our training was over in September. Then one day Ravindra came to my home

and asked my Mamma “Where is Deepak Auntie ?”

Mamma told Ravindra “Beta please take care of Deepak, we don’t know what

has happened to him?”

Ravindra said, “Auntie don’t worry, everything will be all right”.

I was listening to their conversation from my room. I liked to sit alone in my

room with her memories.

Ravindra called me loudly “Deepak, I have a thing for you.”

I asked him to come in my room.

He was totally surprised because Pretty’s sketch was on my room wall which

I drew to present her. I saw him, Ravindra had one paper piece in his hand.

I asked, “What is in your hand ?”.

Then Ravindra opened that paper piece and said to me “See this news column.

Preeti from Berhampur scored the first position in her Semester Exams”.

I smiled and asked him “Can we go to Berhampur?”

Ravindra nodded, “Yes..”

We left for Berhampur and reached her college after five hours.

We were roaming in her college. Then we found one old person and asked

him about Preeti. He told us “she is being honored by our Chief Minister,

so she has left for Bhopal. She will return by evening.”

I asked, “Can you please direct us towards her staying place?”

He said “Yes. But be careful about her belongings”.

Ravindra asked me to see the painting on her wall.

I saw and my eyes were moist with happiness because she kept my promises in

her life for me.

In the evening time……

We explained the whole situation of us to the Dean and he was glad to help


Ravindra and I decorated the whole room with her and I wrote I love you by

lighting on the wall.

She was coming calmly with a certificate and trophy in her hands.

I hid behind her room door and Ravindra and other staff members of the college

were in the staffroom.

She opened the door and she panicked by not seeing my sketch on the wall. I

hid it under the bed just to see her reaction.

I came from her behind and asked her softly “Are you searching me ?”

Preeti turned back and her shining eyes were glowing Then I turned ON the

lights and she couldn’t understand anything. Then I held her tightly and

her tears were rolling on her cheeks with happiness, I kissed on her

forehead all staff member came to her room and clapped for us.

I signed with my fingers and proposed her to be mine forever.

I got my first love which was unexpected but the best.



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