//Mom, you are not alone!

Mom, you are not alone!

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There may be millions of books available to tell you everything about motherhood. In reality, nothing truly prepares you for the same. Though it’s only recently otherwise the focus in every pregnancy was mainly only the child. The mother young, old, new, medically assisted and every type of mother and her emotion was never talked or discussed. I was 27 when I first became a mother to a baby boy and had a cesarean delivery.

Till I was in the hospital, doctors and medicines took care of me and family was celebrating the newborn. I was not producing much breast milk and doctors were giving me confidence that it would improve gradually. Some medicines were prescribed and I was advised to follow a healthy diet. Once back home days passed but my baby was on bottle milk. This should not have been a major problem had I just ignored things happening around me.

When I myself was feeling bad that I could not feed my baby, the things said by people around me started to depress me. How they never had any supply problem. How in spite of being fed well unlike their times, I am low on supply.  How much money is getting wasted on milk powder and bottles? They were pushing me to that desperate point that I started trying every advice given to me for solving the problem.

Even after drinking juice from crushed neem leaves when I failed in my mission I started becoming weaker emotionally. I started seeing myself as a failure. Any small words intentional or not would make me cry. This low feeling made the situation only worse.  I did not like to talk to elders as this became the major topic discussed.

In this all emotional high, I was experiencing, my biggest sunshine was my son and husband.  My son was an active baby, playing all day when hungry happily hanging to his bottle and growing every day creating new memories. The most important role which saved me of depression was of my husband.  He gave wonderful advises like a pro that got me finally to thinking mode. It was he who nailed in my brain that, whatever milk I am feeding to my baby, my only concern should be he is well fed and not left hungry. Also, he explained that I am not the only person on the planet who has this issue and not every milk powder companies are manufacturing that for me. He made me realize that this milk is just for a matter of time. The baby is soon going to outgrow of that and have normal food. These pearls of wisdom and his strong support saved me from mental issues.

All these lessons, I carried from my first pregnancy and applied it more positively during my second pregnancy. I accepted my body capacities and was confident from within that I will raise a wonderful baby.  The result- I could generate more milk than I did during my first pregnancy.  Today aged 5 and 3 my kids are growing stronger and sharper. All milk stories are forgotten.

So dear would-be-moms I wish to tell you following things-

  • You are a fabulous mom
  • Every baby, body and delivery stories are different. So don’t compare situations.
  • Talk your feelings and surround yourself with people who support and motivate you.
  • Enjoy your motherhood and celebrate you, baby. Finally only that matters.


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