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Father: Arijit


Mother: Subhomita


Only Son: Rishan


Maid: Monika


Pug: Stark / Bhutu



The story is about a maid named Monika. She serves in a family of 3 members and a pug. The husband Arijit and wife Subhomita work in private sector banks. They have a little boy, named Rishan. Arijit and Subhomita get little time to stay in their home due to their busy schedule. Little Rishan, the maid Monika and the pug are the permanent members of the house.


The little kid loves his Monika didi very much. She is Rishan’s only playing mate. Arijit and Subhomita do not like it that Rishan mingles very much cordially with Monika. They think Monika can become an obstacle to Rishan’s mental growth. Arijit pressurises Subhomita to leave the job to take care of Rishan.  Subhomita is adamant that she won’t. They sometimes quarrel over it.



Monika lovingly calls the pug Bhutu. Subhomita does not like the name too! She scolds Monika and asks her to call the pug Stark as its price is Rs. 18000 which is more than the salary of Monika!


The constant absence of his parents from his life has made Rishan a little introvert. Rishan is prone to illness. More often he falls ill. Out of love, Monika often spends nights in the house to take care of Rishan.


For this reason, Monika’s son and daughter become neglected because of the absence of their mother. Monika’s husband works as a labourer in Delhi.


Monika appeals to her master and mistress to let her son and daughter live in the house. So, she will be able to take care of the 3 children and the pug Stark, together.


More than her master, the mistress Subhomita has a strong objection to it, citing that Rishan will be ill-mannered if he starts mingling with Monika’s children.


Monika has no options left. She leaves the job to take care of her son and daughter.


Monika’s absence made Rishan depressed. He stops talking with his parents. One day, Rishan vomits in the school and falls ill. Subhomita decides to take leave from the office. She stays at home to take care of her son.


But Subhomita is not capable of feeding Rishan. Rishan refuses to eat from his mother’s hand. His physical condition deteriorates. The pug acts in the same way. He too refuses to take food from Subhomita’s hand.


The father and mother now understand they may be the boss of the house but it is Monika who takes care of it.


Arijit and Subhomita go to Monika’s house in the suburbs. They ask for an apology from her and agree that from now on Monika’s children will live in the house with Rishan.


Monika is sitting in her little cottage. Her son and daughter have embraced her by both sides. Monika asks her mistress to make a phone call to Rishan as she has not heard Rishan’s voice for long. Tears fall from Monika’s eyes as she talks with Rishan over the phone. She smiles when she hears her little Bhutu is barking!





The End



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