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This is a story about an inspiring couple, a foster couple, who dedicated their lives to make someone else’s life better.

Love is easily the best force of nature which has the power to change, to heal to inspire. Giving such unconditional love to a kid in need is the best decision one can ever take cause children are the gift of God.

The boy that they took to shelter is Dave and this is what he has to say.

Hello, this is Dave.

I am sure you must have read about me till now, I am the kid who was taken in by my guardian angels.. well, they are my angels in real life, for if they hadn’t come into my life and taken the decision to foster me, I would have been homeless, maybe in an orphanage house somewhere, with much more pain in my heart than I already possessed.

I am 18 today, and I turn independent, and my foster parents were officially supposed to take care of me only till my 18th birthday. So, here we are with heavy hearts, but more than that unconditional love for each other.

I cannot be much grateful for all that has happened in my life, despite knowing the world out there, I felt safe with my two angels. They have given me so much love and kindness and treated me like their kid, even though I was a stranger. They have raised me with so much ease that they made parenthood look so good.

I remember the first time I ever saw them, I remember their loving kind faces that made my eyes sparkle, ignited hope in me like I hadn’t felt before. I never thought the hollow in my heart could ever be full but all the credit to them, there is a little less ache in my heart and much more love. I remember there were tears in their eyes when they had called my name seeing me for the first time. There was this instantaneous connection. from that day to today, we have come a long way in this journey.
Even when I was sick, a little rebellious, the times I won my matches, when I scored less than I expected, they were there every step of the way. And to do so, despite knowing they could lose me anytime my mother was back from recovery. Even with such vulnerability, they kept going.

So when I was 7, when the most unfortunate events of my life took place, I lost my parents. No, they are still alive, it was much worse, they chose to abandon me. My biological father, the person who I used to call dad back then was an abuser to mom. I remember the most horrible moments, I remember the shouts and the disastrous noises that I wasn’t supposed to hear at such an early age. Those dreams still haunt me. I get nightmares of the shouts of my mom and I couldn’t do anything. Too scared to even go out there, I would hide under the bed of my room. It was difficult. I remember crying to sleep most of the days, I remember troy, my stuff toy I used to hold on tight to while sleeping, I still have troy. As much as it reminds me of haunting memories of the past, that is the only thing I have that reminds me of mom. For she would come late at night, to caress me, to kiss me on my forehead and sometimes fall asleep right there with me and troy.

After I grew up, they allowed me to visit my mom, they allowed me to see her and talk to her. She wasn’t stable and sometimes she failed to recognize me. She is still in recovery. After a few visits, it got too painful for me and traumatic incidents from the past kept occurring to me so my angels decided that it would be for the best if I hadn’t kept contact for a while. They wanted me to focus on my academics and sports and pursue my passion for art.

Being 18 does wonderfully unimaginable things to you, the sense of independence along with the unfathomable feelings of being out there in the world on your own.

My foster parents had decided from day 1 that even if my mom was well enough to claim me back, they would still sponsor my education.

They have done so much for me and I don’t know how am I ever going to repay their love. These people are what I call walking angels on earth, the ones God personally made to make this earth a better place.
Now I sit here on my table, looking at my scholarship letter of the best art institutions in the country and feeling proud immensely, for once in my life.

I couldn’t have ever done it on my own, if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have made it so far. this is my time to pay them back for whatever it is that they have done for me. I know it is scary that I will be on my own but I know they will always be there for me. My angels!


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