//My Insipration-My Mom -The superwoman I met

My Insipration-My Mom -The superwoman I met

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MY MOM’s STORY-A true source of inspiration

This story is my owns of my mom, who knew nothing but faced everything like that brave lady out. A simple housewife who was confined to the kitchen world specially from the north India mentality where women’s are preferred to stay back at home and be a house worker. Yes I framed it as House employed worked because when I meant & used the word mentality I meant to say it in a positive way where women’s don’t step out to earn bread but are equal contributor in the house.

While I Write this, I am sure I am going to live those moments. This is in a very co-relation to almost many Indian women who are sita face persona ,but when time demands can turn every stone upside down.

Everything was going well. Me in my eighth class, younger brother in 3rd grade. Normal house routine of my mom, where she use to spare some time in designing clothes for me and all those little changu mangu relatives kids .Papa earning for the family and getting us those yummy snacks every evening despite he been tired in those Mumbai Locals.

My father was in diamond business working as Sr.Manager in one of the reputed companies. .On papers he even holded the shares of the company and was amongst one of the proprietors. It was 2004 when diamond market suffered huge inflation. .Many people lost their jobs & had to suffer for their livelihood.. Many companies had to be shut down due to market declination, My father’s company one of them.

Once a upon a time ,a market which was at its peak was now on the verge of getting extinct. When it was at its peak there were people who were so smart and had entered this market as a naïve person were now the once to own a  2 BHK flat in Mumbai with the Hera Pheri they did..My father was amongst one who believed in कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन । मा कर्मफलहेतुर्भुर्मा ते संगोऽस्त्वकर्मणि  which means working is your right and you need to use this right with the most dignified manner and  show loyalty towards your bread giver.My father was a person who never took single leave on job.Had never by god’s good grace than ate any  medicines even for the slightest of the fever,all focus and dedication  to work.

He never cheated and so we were happily leading this honest life in our 10 by 10 small room, typically called kholi by some people, whereas his subordinates were able to by a BHK flat in Mumbai with the black money they earned in this industry.

Still we were happily contended by our lives until the year 2004.It was crisis in the diamond market and all those small industries were closing down, my father’s been one of them. He tried going in other fields but somehow could not fit into other business coz diamond market had no scope. All one had to do was to try a new livelihood.

Still he managed a small tea business which he was doing just for the sake of family & not satisfied himself as he been so much educated. In the month of summer, we had our school summer holidays and had a 2 months trip to Ahmedabad. By this time my father’s business for tea also did not work out and physically he started having slight headache’s & tingle sensation on one side of the face daily for which he started having saffron tablets & had those local clinics general fever prescriptions. We visited Ahmadabad and just randomly my father visited one to two hospital where he told about his problem to doctors and doctor said “magaj nu xray kadva padse”..My dad’s reaction was I am not mad that I need to waste my money on CT scans and all. This was our biggest mistake which we learnt quite later when the loss was already done.

Our entire trip went on smoothly and we returned in Morning of 13th June 2005 back to Mumbai. As soon as we entered & I had switched on the fan, there was a huge blast in fan as if something wrong to be signified. By afternoon my father was a changed man. The tingling sensation which he felt had become very severe & one could clearly see , that my father has got face paralysis, and his voice totally stopped.

Now this was showtime for my MOM. Yes My mom, a sweet lady who had never stepped out, had now all decisions to be taken on her own & onus of the responsibilities on her shoulders. No relatives of mines are in Mumbai & so it was one woman show. She could either have wept in vain which she did not show to anybody instead stood up in this crisis as a lady of strong will power & dedication who could do anything for her husband. Our family physician Dr. Sujata aunty had referred Mummy with the name of Neurologist which she had to rush ASAP without wasting even a moment.. She went to neurologist who asked my Mom to have Papa admitted right now in the hospital.

God knows from where this Sita lady got so much courage and alone she handled everything. . She admitted Papa in hospital with the little money she had .Stayed with him all time ..By this time the condition of my father was almost worst, The scary night somehow past away.

Next money this strong lady knowing nothing went to bank to remove money. . Everyone was shocked by the presence of mind of my mother ,who was clear in her communications with the doctors, visiting the banks for Money, visiting end number pathology labs for the test & medical stores too.

Doctors did all the possible test including HIV ,Cancer ,Diabetes, and injecting the back ,of my father to understand how did this happen but all failed for the reason except that there was one nerve in brain which was drying and had no blood pass & so this mouth stretch had happened.

Doctors made it very clear that it seems impossible for him to survive but lets try.. It was my determined mom who not only made my father stand on his feet by regularly massaging for hours his hand & mouth which looked like paralyzed state but was actually not paralysis but because of that nerves.

Meanwhile one-two relatives also appeared trying to say that somebody did black magic and all.. My mom been educated only till 12th was very determined that she is OK if you do the pooja and all but in no cost the medicines & treatment from the doctor would stop.

For my father be it mid night 12 or the scorchiest heaty summer she used to travel to every corner of the places to get his medicines,& prasad’s which ever temples it was.

Within a month My father was able to walk & was able to speak ,not like before but definitely he was man who was told by doctors once something else.. The neuro surgeon was shocked to see this and appreciated my MOM was her hard work & dedication.

For my mom, it was not only my father but also me & my younger brother who were too small to do anything for her but pity her helplessly.

Many relatives suggested that my Mom should drop at least me from the school for 2 obvious reason-one been girl & 2nd English medium school unaffordable. Even my Mom’s paternal site suggested you leave Mumbai as no relatives are there and stay with us.

Everyone was shocked to listen 3  things from my Mom,

1 -I won’t leave Mumbai coz this is the place where I can treat my husband with the bests of the medical facilities anytime

2-I won’t go to my father’s house & stay for them giving a chance someday to be called just a baggage.

3-I will ensure my girl studies as much as she can, in English medium only, so that she doesn’t faces the problem which I have faced in these days.

She was sure about her decision and we stayed back in Mumbai, IT was floods in Mumbai in 2005 and in our lives too which changed my father from every bits and corner. Now he was a person who had sort of partial memory loss & reading loss.

All handled by my mom. I was in my ninth grade, for 4 years my MOM managed the house, expensive medicines of my dad, our school fees,& daily expenses of house by thread cutting to cottage imitation industry which she worked to support all this ..All our savings had got exhausted by this time but my Mom never showed it on her face.

As soon as I completed my 12th ,I was determined by the will power of my MOM & so wanted to support her .She wanted me to complete the studies at least graduation because she understood its important. I promised my Mom that I will work & at no cost my studies shall be compromised.

By god’s grace I got a good job though it took time and was not immediate, and slowly & gradually things started changing. The pace was tough but then it is followed by my struggle which can be drafted in another story. Its been 15 years since this incidence happened. Since last 11 years even I am working. Have completed by Post Graduation and earning a good and have reached from nowhere to at least somewhere professionally. The pinnacle is still to climbed on & on.

But I can proudly say that it was my Mom because of which today I am strong determined girl who can travel to any corner of this earth, speak out my heart in front any masses. And the most important achievement for me is her smile of happiness which she has seeing her daughter rise and breathe the moment which she missed in life.

All this is possible because of this strong lady my Mom… My forever love.

Rachana Bahel





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