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My Lifeline…..

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Getting married is a different feeling all together. your whole life changes and you get a whole new world to discover. If you are lucky you get all the happiness and if you are not, then guys; you have to deal with it. Your better half is always the love of your life, untill you get  small packege as a gift from him\her. Love was never the same when pregnancy came for the first time.

Carrying a baby inside you and dealing with all the pain and pleasure both, makes your life different. Instantly you get a feeling of becoming a parent. Love of a mother blossoms, even he’s inside you. It was a boy! Impatiently counting each day was getting tougher.

Went to Live with my mother as the days came closer, so that i get more care and attention. Husband was busy with his office work and stole days off to come and stay with me. Even after that, I used to get impatient and would lie to him tht I’m not well, so he would come to meet me.

I was counting my delivery date with my grandmother. It was the last night to finish my eighth month and the next day ninth will start. As, we were having this conversation, i started feeling a bit uneasy and told my grandma. She got scared and told me to stand and take a brisk walk. as i stood up, my water broke. Grandma called my mom and everyone was in a hustle. I called my husband, it was around 1’am. Told him that my water broke and you need to come down right now. He was like, please dear! let me sleep i have office tomorrow and will surely come to meet you after that. He thaught, i am kidding as i always did to meet him. Then my grandma, took the phone and told him, he needs to reach to the hospital right now, we are leaving.

We reached there, and I had my c-section as i had a whole month left for the delivery date. Next morning, i woke up for few minutes and then again slept because of the anesthesia doctors gave for the operation. People came and ent after meeting me and i was all drowsy. just ask my husband that its been five days and i didn’t even saw my baby or fed him. He gave me good reasons that i was week thats why doctors prescribed the child some tin milk and he is having that and i will see him soon.

After five days my doctor came for the regular round check-up and suddenly she told me that i’m not going to hide anything from you, as your family wants but your son is in different hospital and he is incubator(life support), as his lungs was not ready yet.

I got shattered from inside and i called my grandma, as i’m very close to her. I cried and asked, why she didnt inform me. Later, afernoon my hubby came and i was really angry on him that why he didnt tell me about my son and i want to go and meet him right now. He tried to calm me down and told me that i will gat a leave tomorrow morning and  straight away go to meet my new love; my son.

Couldn’t sleep whole night, I cried and cried. Next morning with ll my stitches and pain, i was all ready to leave and rush to my love, my son.

I reached there, I could see him from the mirror on the door, all clad up in bandages on one leg supported by bandaged rope and bandaged goggles on his eyes. it was heart wreching and i wanted to hold him in my arms and take him home with me. But i couldn’t as he needed more time in the incubator.

The nurse gave him in my arms and started crying and softely called him ‘baby’, and believe me, he smiled and all my pain went off. sat there for half an hour as nobody was allowed inside the ICU as he might get infection. I went home and waited for him impatiently for two more days, untill he arrived.

He is a fighter! He is my Life-line and he is 10 years old now.


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