//My one true love

My one true love

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A beggar sitting on the streets with his begging bowl and a belly full of hunger won’t understand the subtle taste of sweetness in a black forest pastry or the tangy spicy tickle to the tongue given by the nice round paani puri. To him it is only a means to satisfy his hunger. I was hungry too. Not for food,but for love. And to my surprise, it was not a hunger to be easily satisfied with a nicely prepared dish. It needed something special.

It was just another ordinary day which one cannot distinguish from the others that make the days go by and the weeks turn into months. I took no notice of the day and was headed towards another uneventful journey with boredom when I suddenly noticed outside.

I was standing at my balcony. It was a favourite daily activity. Watching the world go by,busy in its own movements, and seeing life, the master planner throwing challenges at one and all, delighted me to the core. I thought that I was a master of facing life’s challenges,but secretly was a little scared at being too gloaty about it. Who knows what it is that the hard task master had in store for me next!

Right opposite to my apartment,there was another one,not much different from my own. As my eyes settled down on the entrance to that one, I saw him for the first time. He was beautiful. Never having any experience of love at first sight, I wondered if this is what it felt like. My heart melted into a pool of love and I wasn’t able to take my eyes off him. It was then that he looked at me. We were silent but still we communicated everything to each other with our eyes. And everything was understood.

We started meeting every day after that. I was delighted to have his company. Recuperating from past wounds inflicted on my only dear heart,his love became my magic potion,my panacea. I was alive in the real sense of the term and I was happy when I thought I couldn’t be ever again for the rest of my life.

There wasn’t a single day that I could stay away from him. Even a few hours of separation made me anxious. I felt that I wouldn’t be able to stay apart from him. I decided to ask him about staying in my house with me, forever. Without wanting to delay things, I asked him what he felt about it that very day and my heart almost bursted with happiness when he said yes.

It has been five long years since then and we are still together. Every day is a blessing and not a mundane existence anymore with him by my side. Now we look out of the balcony together and smile at the world. The same world that gave both of us up,but I believe, in order to make sure that we found each other. He is my world now and I know that I am his. I don’t feel my hunger for love anymore. It has been completely satisfied. I think I know now how to be happy and what happiness is. Thinking of this I look at him and he does what he does best, wags his tail and licks my face and I hug him and we happily stay enmeshed into our small world made only out of love. This time the real one, the one that doesn’t change.


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