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In my college, i saw a student who was very intelligent. But, never respected due to his financial condition. He was from very poor family. He had one pair of shoes, which were torn. Due to which he was insulted by all other classmates. No one used to speak to him.

Somehow he worked and purchased one pair of shoes. He walked around 8km for college without shoes. Because he had only one pair of shoe, and it could be very difficult for him, if even that shoe also get torn. So he used to wear shoes only in college premises.

After completing his graduation with a state rank. He was no appointed in any of the company, just because he belongs to a poor family. He was again insulated and rejected in many interviews.

Even after being talented and brilliant student he was insulted badly. Than he decided to start a shoe manufacturing company. Which is now, listed under fortune 500. And this person provide shoes to all students, so that no one should face the Insult what he faced in his student life.




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