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so I don’t know how to start  its for the very first time I am writing something but I couldn’t resist myself from writing it because the things I am writing should be known to this world . the people of this country of course India should know their real identity that what kind of society it is where we are living. this story is real and its every word is real. I am gonna talk about my mother she is an woman who has been shaped into a warrior because of the pains she had tolerated. this was the incident of may be when I was in lkg or nursery it was my birthday eve (I know it as she had told) my mom came and started doing packing telling me to stand up and go there she was opening beds and packing the bags and I was watching doraemon . I did as she told me to and then me and my brother along with my mother escaped the house . now I was so small that of course I don’t know why were we going but I remember every second of it. my mother and father’s relation wasn’t going quite well so she escaped along with us. they were having fights because he was seeing other women and mom got aware of it . she even asked him to stop seeing here but he took here forgranted . it was after that night that our life changed. my mother was a Christian and father was an hindu so of course that was an love marriage .  the night she escaped , she didn’t know where are they gonna live and how all things are gonna work? without thinking anything she escaped and we three were gone to delhi . my mother’s mother my grandmother lived there . of course she was angry as it was my mother’s stubbornness to marry that guy. well my mother married to him at the age of 18 when she was just so innocent that couldn’t recognize what she is doing, so of course I don’t blame here .  with the help of grandma she bought an home and lived there with us. but this isn’t the story. before living here we use to live in an rented home I remember it had only one room in which she use to cook food on the stove that was in the corner. believe it or not we never felt that we were poor it was like” halat bure the magar rakhti thi ameer banakr hum garib the ye bas humari maa janti thi”. by her mom’s help she tried her best to enrol us in school that was an cute little school from nursery to 8th class. about which also one of our neighbour commented “yeh toh apne bacho ko ache school m bh nh dal skti” . well its life and we always had got many of comments. from every LIFE moment she suffered after escaping from there when she filed divorce it was the one of the most depressing moments of her life . my father asked to keep one of the child , because of the fact that I was a girl she kept me with herself and my brother was given . it was the time when divorce was in progress we were allowed to visit him on special occasions like children’s day or his birthday . I remind one day It  was Raksha bandhan , well the fact I had missed is that in all this process the lady who was in affair with him started to live there as they had married in temple of course legally the divorce was pending. that lady use to beat my brother and that day when we come holding gifts for him , I gave him the box of chocolates she came and snatched and throwed in the fridge . literally she throwed them. then the senior all ones were talking and I suddenly came in the room and that lady said to my father ” isse nikalo mere ghar s ” for my mom and she stand up with me and my brother was crying a lot to stop her but could not of course . we fought for my brother to get him back as his future wouldn’t be safe there but we were not having any proof of it as he never speak anything in court due to his fears . one day when we were in my father’s home to meet my brother my mom had told me to record his voice while he told me what kind of thingsare happening to him there . I did as she said I when was everyone down there playing went to him and asked him he told me. it was difficult as that lady use to keep eye on me. the evidence was showed and my brother was given in my mother’s custody. but my father’s one condition was that he will never  ever give any maintanence for us, his children . my mother accepted the condition . I would like to tell you that when the divorce case was going on there was an time that when the court hearing was in delhi and that lady was pregnant therefore she resided in my home with my dad in my mother’s home. can anyone be this much humble? that only because that she is pregnant and residing in hotel wouldn’t be good she let an woman in her house who kind of destroyed her life! enough for now ! this is the story of my mom my maa about whom struggles this is just an trailor , many more horrible experiences had happened to here . think about it an alone women look young , living with no one and in a city like delhi , growing up 2 kids ? how her life was ? trust me you cant imagine .


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