//New lease of life

New lease of life

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Few years back due to certain unavoidable circumstances and conservative prevalence in family domain I was in a bout of series depression. And having no one around whom I can trust and open up, I was feeling left out and totally broke.
At this point of time, by God’s grace I bumped across an FB friend at a party. I knew her virtually, but we met for the first time. She was affable and kind. As I started knowing her in person, I found her even better. She was full of life and took life as it unfolded in front of her. Meeting her was the best thing that happened to me then.
She was an out-and-out optimistic person. Her compassionate nature and friendly attribute made me trust her, and I was able to open up and let things out that troubled me since long. She heard me patiently all the while comforting with care and concern. She counselled and made me realise things differently. With her around, I regained my self-esteem. She showed me new perspectives of life, emphasizing on the bigger picture, making me believe that whatever happens is for our own good and for a reason. We simply need to trust God and have faith that future have better things in store for us. Also, instead of questioning self during times of adversity, it’s better to face and overcome the hurdles with optimism and wit. She always said that those who try to screw our lives, certainly face the consequences of karma as it always repays!
The friendly attribute and positive talks, filled my life with immense happiness and confidence. I really looked forward to her life lessons and made necessary changes in my lifestyle. I started doing yoga, took care about my health and lost oodles of weight in process. “We need to love ourselves first to be able to love others. We can’t pour from an empty cup,” is what she always said.
The counselling and the camaraderie filled me with new life lease. I started believing in self and living happily shunning off negativity. The new-found realization helped me grow. Not only as a person but also worked wonders for my creative self. I found my passion in writing and exploring my inner abilities. People started noticing these positive changes. The same people who once speak ill of me now praised me and were now in awe of my abilities and life skills.
Friends please stop asking for validation from others. It’s your life, live and do things that makes your soul happy. People will judge you no matter what! Take pride in self, you are good the way you are!

P.S. Depression, the worst scenario that’s our society is facing in recent times. It’s not a disease but a battle between emotions, feelings and circumstances. Please try to understand, if a person is going through depressive state, he or she keeps scuffling inside, simply wishing to pour their heart out to someone. Being heard, understood and accepted as a fellow human is what’s the best therapy for depressive hearts. Try not to judge or speak ill of them. Look around, lend your helping hand if you find someone in a sad state. As most of the times such people refrain and keep mum in fear of getting judged. They confine themselves in a shell and lose their ability to cope with life’s dilemma. I have experienced and overcome this and can surely say, a tiny effort, a small gesture, some compassion and care can go a long way creating magic, giving someone a new lease of life!


About the Author:

Madhu Jaiswal is a poet, writer and social worker hailing from Kolkata, India. She is an optimistic and compassionate person who believes in humanity and sharing smiles. Penning down one's thoughts is therapeutic to the creative souls and she totally abides by this. Writings let her explore the inner abilities and express herself to the outer world with ease.

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