//NGO”Apna Ghar”, an inspiration!

NGO”Apna Ghar”, an inspiration!

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Even in this engrossed social-media world, I somehow, lately encountered this rare kind of existing NGO. When I came across and got to know the motive with which they have embarked on their journey, I instantly, got deeply moved. Every beat of my heart was like, blessing them, appreciating them, that how heroic and how selfless they are! 

A story, came into existence years back. Respected Dr. Brij Mohan Bhardwaj initiated his “Mission of serving and helping all those destitute persons who are completely homeless, helpless and hopeless” by bringing them to their own established NGO, called “Apna Ghar” (means a Residential Home of every destitute). His educated and thoughtful wife, Mrs. Madhuri Bhardwaj whole-heartedly welcomed and supported him to the best. Since then, this Couple along with their dedicated work-mates provide food, clothing, shelter, medical treatment, education etc, to all the “inmates” (NGO referred them a religious name called as- “Prabhuji”) residing there.


Before entering the “Apna Ghar”, these Inmates were found in all dying and miserable conditions, mostly we can’t even dare to see. So, touching, asking, enquiring, donating, helping are far away! But, they were all embraced and taken from common streets, roadsides, railway-stations, public places etc. Available 24×7, Rescue team pick up Prabhujis’ in their extremely unhygienic, critically diseased, oppressed, injured and painful plight. 

After bringing them, they offer all possible help whether  physically or mentally! They treat and upgrade the life of the deceased with love, care and support so that they could start counting themselves as a part of society. After recovery, they try hard to search for their families and relatives and if possible, Prabhujis get reunited with their families. Not only human beings, they also treat and care for injured and diseased animals. They are offering Eternal good deeds to the society and feel Ecstatic in return! What else, I could say!!

What is inspiration in real terms? Well, I would say- A “positive energy” which is massively competent, that converts a hopeless into a new hope! A “dexterous ability” that transforms a dreadful into something secure. And, to me, Mr. Bhardwaj couple is a true and genuine Inspiration from every angle and each aspect.

I have chosen to write on it, absolutely not because they need any kind of recognition but because they simply need needies! If you are all heart, then they need helping hands. If you wish to connect, then they need volunteers. If you are able enough and desirous to do good, then they need financial support. Moreover, they just need a single phone-call from you, if you encounter such “prabhujis” or injured animals anywhere.

Metaphorically, if my pen could sense the dedication of Mr.Bhardwaj and his whole organization, why can’t we! I believe, strong inspiration comes from within. So, Don’t stop and let your feelings ooze out. Follow your conscience to attempt some Noble. Get inspired and let others inspire. Keep in mind, it all starts with you!

Thought it days back to ink down, but actually writing and sharing today through this great competition. Anyway, I would not leave this opportunity to present “The Real Gallant”! Mr.Bhardwaj and his team are trying all hard to bounce back the smiles. So, can’t we too add-on in spreading smiles!

“अब कहता मेरा भी मन, जन-जन में हो एक नया सृजन”


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