//Nicy-A girl with a goal

Nicy-A girl with a goal

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1.On a beautiful evening Nicy a stubborn girl about 3 years old went to a park for walking with her father John. As she entered the park she observed few child enjoying ride of slide.


Immediately she forced her father to take her for having the ride by thinking that she also can be happy only if she have that ride. When he accepted her request and helped her to reach the top of slide she go afraid of the height and started crying. John then let her down.
On the next evening when Nicy returned from kinder-garden John observed in a sad mood. Then he asked her “Why my little princess is sad?”.Nicy replied ,”My friend Stella bought a barbie today and didn’t allowed me to play with it”.

On next day John got an expensive doll for Nicy and gifted her to make her happy. But she played with it for few days and started asking her father to buy a new one again.

Like Nicy we want things and set goals by seeing others instead of choosing with our own interest without knowing the actual difficulties and happiness involved in it. Life will be easier if we do things and set goals based on our interest and needs.




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