//Once a Victim, Forever a Victor

Once a Victim, Forever a Victor

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Everyone in the city was sure that it wasn’t just a rumour that Mr. Arthur Stewart’s daughter Annie Stewart is suffering from brain tumour, and that’s the reason she go blank.
All this turned the Stewart’s house into a silent place.
‘Mom it’s all over, my identity has changed from a physics professor to a mental patient, everyone see me as a sinner, I heard people saying, this tumour is a punishment for the sins I have done.’ Annie said crying and breathing heavily. A few minutes later she went quiet and kept gazing the front wall, her mother hugged her tight, Annie was again blank but this time it was not just for a minute but was for a longer period.

‘The surgery went well, though it took a Lil longer than the assumed period of time but still let’s all wish she come back to senses soon as it may take an hour, a day, a week or may be more.’ the doctor said in a low tone after the surgery.
‘Though Annie was confident and calm when we took her into the operation theater, she kept on saying I am a Victor, I will return back.’ The Doctor added.

Mr. & Mrs. Stewart were shocked and went numb with fear. ‘I want our daughter back Arthur’ Mrs. Stewart yell in a low tone Mr. Stewart tried to act strong but that was difficult.
‘Doctor she just opened her eyes’ the nurse shouted and ran to call the doctor. The doctor went into the ICU and was surprised to see Annie laying with her eyes closed and a continuous line on her lips ‘ Am professor Annie Stewart’.

The doctor came out of the ICU and congratulated Mr. Stewart ‘ Sir your daughter is a victor she won her battle and will be fine really soon, it’s a miracle to see a tumour patient remember all her life and dreams just after the surgery, I have treated many and it always took Atleast a couple of months for them to recall there past back. She is Lucky.’

Mr. & Mrs. Stewart were smiling with tears and were happy to finally see their child back to life again.

A month later Annie went for an interview in a renowned institution for a professor’s post.
‘ So Miss Annie Stewart do you really think you can make our students learn physics the way they should, as we know about the uncertain mental health you were in.’ the interviewer asked.
Annie stayed quiet for a minute and then said,
‘ Sir I believe I can; because I didn’t forget neither my past battle nor the things I learnt,
I am a Victor not a victim. Am sure I can teach what I adore the most from our daily lives, physics isn’t just a subject to me it’s way more than that. ‘
The interviewers were amazed with her confidence and courage, and later were surprisingly proud of her journey through the way she explained the toughest topics of physics with so much of ease during the demo session.

‘The results will be announced soon, we’ll inform you Miss Stewart All the best.’ a receptionist came to inform her.

The next morning the news headlines had a title- ‘A victor who didn’t just won a battle but everyone’s heart too. A new physics professor in the State University Miss Annie Stewart’.

Finally Annie proved her words ‘Am a victor not a victim’.

All of us hold a part in us that need some courage to be back on the track we all deserve as we all are victors and not victims.


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