//Opposite Charges Attract

Opposite Charges Attract

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“I just don’t want to get married. I will live my life all alone. I don’t need anyone”, said the determined Shreya when they were discussing about adjustments after marriage. “Yes dude, same here. I ll go on himalayas and start meditating like saints”, came Ryaan’s reply. The boredom and quiet girl could not just stop her laugh and giggles. “Oh, come on, okay I’ll go too. We’ll go.” Two anti-social people planned ‘together’ while travelling on his bike, returning from their office.

“Listen, I am your good friend, you know? You can share your reasons with me. Has anyone betrayed you?” said that unquiet and lively boy. “Oh please, stop questioning like that. I don’t want to share”, said she. He started his chatter box with his days of past. He was too boastful, while sharing his school and college stories. She seemed to be least interested. He was telling her about his affair and mentioned her name “Riya”. After the mention of that name, rest of the things went like bla bla bla…., as “Riya”  was her nick name too.

One breezy evening, their conversation turned towards marriage again. Shreya kept her views on marriage, like she don’t like all adjustments to be done on girl’s part. If both are working, then why a girl has to look after household chores. If it’s about future and promotions, why a girl has to sacrifice always. If a boy is tired, so is a girl. If boy has ambitions, so a girl has too. If family and its responsibilities belongs to a women, so it is essential for a man too. Ryaan was nodding on all these as if he was supporting her views, but can’t help for the society. Every time, he wanted to know real story behind Shreya’s masked story, he was handed over one or other examples on women empowerment. Even after all these stories, he was sure that Shreya has some other story which she is hiding from the world. His curiosity to know the story, brought him closer to her.

On their daily journey of way back from office, they were having chit chat. Both had totally contradict views on everything they conversed on. They were exactly a couple of Tom & Jerry. Each time, they fought due to different perceptions and made mind not to talk, each time they could not stay not talking. “We are so opposite that we can’t marry each other”, came Ryan’s abrupt line. She was like, “What, why is it even a line?” “Ha-ha, nothing”, Ryan tried to elude. She uttered, in scolding tone, “We are not even friends, and you are talking…senseless”

One random day, Shreya was feeling too heavy, she was expecting Ryan to ask her to share. Ryan, as always started his chatter box and she finally let her story came out. He succeeded in knowing her story. Her story, brought them closer for forever.

Ryan has his pet line, “I have read in school, opposite charges attract each other”. He was too right.

We many a times, come across people in our life, who are too different from us to be even considered for a friend. But we don’t need same self for our companion for life. When one can do the same set of things, why will one need person with same set. We need a different body, so that both together can complete each other. Like the sun and the moon. One is known for his heat while the other for his cool. Together they make the whole day complete.


About the Author:

Sringarika Sahu, a highly ambitious young lady who seeks perfection. She is new in this field. She has done Masters in Business Administration. Not an author, but trying to be, in search of her inner passion. By profession, she is employed to one of the PSU. She is of opinion that there is no end to learning and no age to achieve your passion. She believes, to be able to convey your thoughts and feelings through words is highly creative thing. One can not start writing anytime, it requires thoughts and feelings to come in flow.


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    Hello everyone, I have written a story titled as “Opposite Charges Attract”. I have tried to pen down a story for the first time and have kept the language simple so that it is well communicated to readers. This is quite simple story. I hope you will like it. I am expecting some valuable feedback, so that next time I come with stories, that will touch you deeper! Here is the link to my story:


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    Nice, keep it up 👍


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