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Our love as inspiration

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Put your thoughts away and pack your books back.

Aadarsh – my son lost his beloved  due to her (girl’s) parents ideology about different castes .My son went through depression and he got failed in class 12 . He lost his hope and his happiness.He lost his trust on love . He was feeling that he is a failure .I as his mother was always with him.He shared me everything since childhood and same he did today .I sat (calmly) and said  ,” Failures doesn’t make someone looser.It just help us to achieve it more efficiently with more hardwork . ” I narrated him about my life and my struggle… I passed my tenth and for higher education I  had to leave my parents and go to hostel.It was the first time that my parents left me alone.I promised my mom that except studies I will not get indulge in any matter but it never effected my friendship and bindass life & enjoyment with friends .I had great memories  those days -Fighting for lunch,Mockery of teachers,Double meaning jokes,etc.

I had vacations then I came to my aunt home then I challenged her that i can never fall in love.But I fell in love with a boy (Your dad) and it was biggest  surprise of my life , So life is out of our thinking and expectations.

During exam leave and holi vacation -In holi vacation ,it was night before Holi and it was first time I talked to him out of  school  and me as a naughty girl asked him a surprising question.The question changed my life & that midnight conversation filled colours  in my life. .I asked him,” What does he want in his life except success and parents ?” . His reply was  most beautiful dream i had with my open eyes. He replied, ” You. If you are happy with me then.”I was happy that in changed, modern and selfish world , I got someone who is worried for my happiness than his own.We met for the first and  last time ( after  coming in relationship  upto we got married) on our last exam ,we had a handshake and i was burst into tears when he said bye.He was my good friend and we had small fights like kids and he was playing with my hairs and we kicked each other . But when we were separated by long distance then we missed each other  and we  started loving more and more . Long distance relationship is tough , so it was really hard .I said him all about my past , my character and about everything .He was ready to accept me as i was .Everytime when i was weak  then he was always there for me , he was always there to scold me  when i was wrong . I dont know when your Dad became my happiness but he was reason of my smile  when i was in sorrow .Even today he is the only one .

You  would be thinking  that how smooth and loving life I had ? But I want to say you about life real struggles I and he faced and how much we waited for each other to have a happy life. So, I was not topper but had a dream to become an IAS officer and your dad was also an average student after 10th. But what we are today is what we wanted to be because of our dedication, support and love.I scored average percentage in 1st year of college but then struggled hard and with studies I was preparing for SSC . I cleared SSC  but  it was not my Life goal .Let me tell you about your dad -He dropped one year for preparation to get good IIT college but he was not successful  in first  attempt but he didn’t lose his hope.He tried hard and again he gave exam and this time he was able to clear JEE  and after that he became IIT engineer, but i was still struggling with my dreams.This was not the end of problems -He (dad) said his parents about me and his parents refused to accept me as my family was not as rich as his family and they were against my job .He tried hard but his parents said him to choose one from them and me . They believed that society will question them that what is the need that their daughter in law need to do job when they have luxurious life but your dad didn’t care about society and all.His parents said that they are ready if I will not go out for doing job ( Being  IAS was my dream ). He kept his proposal in front of my parents and  we got married.With his support and love , I soon got success . I and your father handled every problems and each situation together .

When you were born then only Your paternal grandparents saw us for the first time after five years then they understood that what matters for a happy and successful life is Love, Adjustment and Understanding . Finally !! We got blessings of your grandparents.Today we are a happy family .So my son ,” what do you feel about your life today ? Don’t you feel that you have loving family and you should not miss your chance to live happy .You have both of your dad and mom to support you beta .”My son replied , ” I understood that life is not so easy but also not so hard that it become reason to give away life .I am happy that i have a happy family and i will try my best in next exam.” “Yeah!! my brave son.” I replied. 

So , here i conclude my story :-Life is a game,enjoy it but be careful.Life is out of expectations sometimes but don’t lose your hope.Love is the strongest weapon to win or to lose a battle of our life. Your life is all about your efforts.

By – Harshita 




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