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  1. It was during my summer vacation when i visited my granny’s house.  Granny’s house always remained my favorite place to visit. I was super excited to my granny.  After grandpa’s death she lives alone with her pet cats. As i visited there my granny hugged and welcomed us.  My granny’s have a big trunk but she never let us to touch that so this year i thought to see what was there.  When my mom and granny went for market secretly i opened the trunk and i found a rose whose petals were torn revealing that it’s too old and this rose was kept on the photograph.  When i  took the photograph I found it was the young age of my grandpa and granny. This was the precision possession of my granny. After seeing this i realized that at this age even their love is still brightening like the stars in the night sky. It was well said that love sees no age or distance or anything. It depends upon two souls and their loyalty and genuine feelings for each other which is not infatuation which is permanent. Love is not when we fall for looks. Love is when we fall for the person and that person becomes the most beautiful one in this world. Motherly love is the true love one can have. When the partner behaves like our parents at that time we can experience true love as there will be only care,  protection and possesiveness not any kind of show off


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