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An old lady comes to the park where she often visits. She visits there with her son, daughter-in-law, and grandsons- Abhi and Manyu. Abhi questioned, “Why are we here, Grandma? I thought you want to wander to new places.” Manyu interrupts, “Somebody can be satisfied with the same place and people.” Abhi rolls his eyes and turns to speak, “When will you stop interrupting in other’s conversation?” Manyu replies by folding arms across his chest, ” Only when you stop to take attention for nuisances.”


The mother gives a firm look and warns, “Enough for today.” Grandma hands over a plant to her grandsons and gives directions where they need to plant. Abhi wrinkles his forehead, and asks, ” Do we need to plant together?” Grandma convulses, “Any problem, Dear?” Manyu pats her back, and they go into her direction to complete the given task.


Grandma and their parents sit on the mat while looking at Abhi and Manyu. The mother says, ” Day-by-day, this sibling rivalry becomes intolerable. If one brother is the tide of the ocean, then another one is a volcano. Whenever they clash, the peace around them withers. They come back after a year at your call because they have a concern about your illness. Thank you, Mom.” Father asks,” Now, what is your plan? Why are we here?” Grandma chuckles and remarks, “You are wasting your time. Your stress will make the situation stiffer.” Abhi and Manyu come to wash their grimy hands with a sipper.

Grandma holds their hands and requests to walk with them on the track in the park. Both of them make their way to walk with Grandma. She begins to cherish their childhood memories with a place – playing in rides, walking with parents, planting trees, and naughty tricks on people. Abhi and Manyu giggle, smile, and take a sigh of relief with some tears.


They stop before one section of the park. Grandma asks, “Do you remember this place?” They deny in unison. Grandma put another question, “Do you remember where you planted the trees in your childhood?” Manyu clears, “Grandma, more than two decades passed, we’ve no idea.” Abhi agrees, “Exactly, since childhood, we indeed followed your direction and planted the trees wherever you said.” Grandma enters with them and asks, “What can you see here?” They say in unison, “Trees.”


Both become silent and wander to observe the details of the area. Abhi got a wall where their names scribbled. He exclaims, “Manyu! Look here.” Manyu asks Grandma, “Is this a place where we used to plant trees?” She nods. Abhi looks around the square with amaze. He asks, ” Is this mean that all these trees are grown by us?” She nods again with a smile. They run with excitement to touch the branches and leaves, wrap their arms around the bark and climb the tree.


Manyu sits at the top of the Jamun tree and shouts, “Abhi, Come here! See what I have for you”, by showing Jamuns in his palm. Abhi waves a hand and responds, “Yes, I am coming!”


Their parents come by following their voices. The mother surprise and asks, “What are they doing?” Grandma asks, “Can you both see their relationship now? They meet and spread happiness. Replace volcano and sea tides to sunlight and water. There is nothing wrong if someday sunlight contributes less than water and vice-versa to feed a tree. The guardian of the tree has to cover the shortcomings. You paid attention to the problems, but you forgot to give directions for the same.


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