//Platonic Love (Inspiring Ghost)

Platonic Love (Inspiring Ghost)

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Ramesh and Shruti were childhood friends. They shared mutual joys and sorrows. Both of them loved being in the company of one another. Love is nothing but real friendship. Lovers are friends, maintaining their relationship forever. Ramesh, 16, had made a promise to Shruti, the curly-haired cutie. The promise was to maintain the bond of friendship and to stay in each other’s company eternally. Ramesh had promised to marry Shruti once mature enough to get married. But, fate had some other plans for both of them.

Mostly there is a belief that marriages are made in heaven. This holds true for Ramesh and Sheetala, who married each other as per the will of their parents. Shruti was broken into pieces when she came to know that Ramesh had married Sheetala. She could scarcely believe that her beloved Ramesh whom she loved so dearly had broken his promise.

Destiny had hidden much more in its drawer. There were still many ups and downs remaining to arrive in both Ramesh and Shruti’s lives. Both were still left to witness many turns in their respective lives. God’s will is behind everything, and this was the major reason behind those rapid turns, first in Ramesh’s life, followed by that of Shruti’s.

After around 5 or 6 years of an estranged marriage to his arranged life partner Sheetala, Ramesh, ultimately decided to end ties with his wife. Ramesh realized that he was suffering from this badly knitted marital bond because he had hurt Shruti by his decision of marrying Sheetala. And, from the empathetic feelings which arose in him that very moment he decided to remove himself out of the situation that was causing the feelings of guilt within him. He guessed precisely what Shruti might have gone through all those years, once she got the news of his marriage to someone else.

Ramesh divorced Sheetala. He separated himself from her within the span of a year. Thereafter, he got the unfortunate news of Shruti’s death. It shattered him into bits and pieces. The hurt he received was well spotted on his face just like Shruti’s was earlier. Ramesh could hardly believe his ears when he heard the news of Shruti’s death. Ramesh and Shruti had studied in the same college and had a bunch of friends in common. All of them were active members in most WhatsApp groups where resounded only stunned silence post this terrible mishap.

In all possible ways, Ramesh accused himself of Shruti’s death and cursed himself badly for bringing it upon her. Although Ramesh knew the reason behind Shruti’s death, his guilt wasn’t ready to accept it, continuously reminding him of his broken promise to Shruti. A thought disturbed his peace of mind and that too was related to the broken promise. Ramesh speculated that the reason behind Shruti’s fall might have been her absent-mindedness. While on the stairs, before the fall, death might have embraced her in her mind because she might have felt there was no point in living a life without Ramesh. She had remained unmarried, waiting resolutely as per the promise once made to her. Hence, Ramesh was guilty of an offence, which was certainly not a petty crime, but as heinous as murdering a human being. A companion, whom Ramesh had promised to remain with forever, standing by, through thick and thin, had left without saying anything. His guilt doubled up and was heavier than his previous guilt. Ramesh had earlier accused himself of the broken promise but now had turned himself into a convict. As a self-accused murderer, his condition was such that, neither a single morsel of food nor a single drop of lifesaving water was going down his throat. Time seemed to come to an abrupt halt for Ramesh.

Ramesh faced all sorts of problems, mainly from his inner guilt consciousness. It never allowed him to be at ease, not even for a single moment after Shruti’s death. On one such day, Ramesh felt Shruti’s presence in his room.

‘Viveka’, the conscience, when satisfied, provides us with the utter sense of relief, inner consensus and peace of mind, but when disturbed, the very opposite of them. Ramesh went through a phase of severe difficulties. He was neither able to stay wide awake nor sleep and take rest so as to relax. This was not only because of his cribbing. Conscience continuously made his conscious mind, remember the fact that he deserved punishment for cheating Shruti with a bogus promise. She was no longer visible to a normal pair of human eyes, but as we all know, the soul has been forever alive and on that basis, she neither had an initiation nor an end to her real self. The mortal decline wasn’t the end with all certainties.

Shruti no longer remained the same friend in whose company Ramesh always loved to be in his youthful days. According to our ancestors, for a week after death, souls do roam around us in our realm. Spirits are least attracted to white colour. That’s why we wear white clothes for cremation so that the spirits cannot attach themselves to anyone’s mind, soul and, body. Most night blankets are also white in colour to keep Death Spirits away. But, it’s no rocket science to comprehend and accept exceptions in all spheres. So, there are exceptions in this law regard to the nature of spirits as well. Although weeks passed, the spirit of Shruti wasn’t able to completely recover itself from the realm of this world and become absolutely free in all sense. Ramesh had committed a great blunder that compelled Shruti’s soul to remain where he was. Within a week past Shruti’s mortal death, Ramesh had once put on black clothes without knowing the fact that black attracted the spirits of the close ones departed recently. Ramesh was close to Shruti’s soul. Since her early days of friendship with Ramesh, she had always considered him her soulmate. Ramesh had always remained unaware of this fact. He was unaware of what was deep within Shruti even after her death. Ramesh could never have imagined, not even in his wildest dreams that Shruti would come back into his life again just to fulfil her unfulfilled quest of getting back her soulmate.

Initially, when Ramesh had started to feel a little uneasy, and his senses had drawn him towards the experiences of something paranormal and fishy around, he wasn’t able to give a right guess on who was disturbing him, but as the days passed on gradually, he had estimated it to be Shruti. He felt this way because the paranormal experiences he felt were neither intended to hurt nor harm him in any possible manner. Hence felt to be someone who loved him immensely. She loved him more than her life and held him dearer than her own self. But, still, Ramesh wanted to confirm, whether his notion was right. And, for doing so, he certainly required a team of professional paranormal investigators who would be able to shed some light on his case and simultaneously help him trace the one who was behind the paranormal activities which he had been witnessing for so long.


So, after experiencing the paranormal events in his life for over a period of approximately a month, and doubtfully guessing Shruti to be the one behind them, Ramesh ultimately summoned a team of professional ghost hunters, which comprised expertly trained professionals in the field of ghost hunting. The paranormal researchers and investigators in that team, who had responded to Ramesh’s call, had accumulated great credits to their names. There never remained any doubt in Ramesh’s mind about their credibility. At once, when the entire team of paranormal researchers were present inside his residence, he was awestruck to witness the expertise they were having regarding the field of ghost hunting. As soon as all of them entered the main doorway, they smelled the presence of something paranormal existing within the premises of the house.

From the moment the ghost hunters had entered Ramesh’s house to perform their paranormal investigations, they had to face immense troubles while discovering the undiscovered and unidentifiable. Upon their various pathways, which led them into distinct rooms of Ramesh’s residence, there was someone, who was physically absent, but still present. In all possibilities, ghost hunting was not everyone’s cup of tea. Even experts in this respective field had to go through a lot of problems and endure great pains, face immense difficulties in solving cases. It’s the outcome of the Divine blessings of the Almighty upon us all, if still not one on one with any kind of paranormal experiences in the journey of life, which doesn’t stop for anyone and continues to move forward like a flowing river.

Ghost hunting, although having been heavily criticized for its total absence of scientific methodology, still prevails across distinct parts around the globe far and wide. In some nations, ghost hunting is opted as a wilful career by choice after having pursued science earlier in life, despite the existence of this real fact that no scientific body has ever been able to confirm and explain the very existence of ghosts. However, science does believe in the existence of souls, but conventionally, it deals only with regard to materialistic aspects of life. Spirits, both good and bad, and souls, are integral parts of our daily lives, and we mustn’t forget that at any cost. Paranormal research has had its ground back in the 19th century, with organizations such as the Society for Psychical Research investigating spiritual matters mostly.

Typically, while solving any case, in particular, a ghost hunting team attempts every time to collect such evidence that their active research members can see as supportive of any kind of paranormal activity. Ghost hunters often use a variety of electronic devices such as a digital thermometer, the EMF meter, digital audio recorder, handheld and static digital video cameras such as night vision, along with computers, just to name a few basic ones. But, unlike the general ghost hunters and the already established trends of ghost hunting, the professionals, dynamically putting forward their cent per cent at Ramesh’s residence didn’t seem to be least bothered about the traditional norms followed by most ghost hunters while ghost hunting. The team of paranormal investigators had broken all the set rules and regulations of ghost hunting as they progressed in pursuit of the ghost of Ramesh’s home. They have had successfully managed to solve the mysterious riddles of many of their paranormal cases taken up in the past, thus eventually, establishing their authenticity in the field of paranormal research investigations and ghost hunting missions.

Destiny had parted them earlier in the past, so was it trying to reunite them at present? Such thoughts continued to rise in Ramesh’s mind while the paranormal investigators kept facing great difficulties such as breaking up of window panes, successive pieces of glass flying here and there, the sudden fall of fans on their heads in the process of deciphering the spirit causing all sorts of troubles in Ramesh’s residential place. The spirit of whomsoever it was, was really hard to be brought under such control where its true identity could be revealed. After a prolonged struggle for almost a complete day, when the ghost hunters were tired and completely exhausted after a day’s invested labour, they asked for Ramesh’s forgiveness and vowed to leave their jobs forever then and there, which was indeed quite strange for Ramesh, who had immense faith in them.

Mostly, we all have had lives in our past before the occurrence of this very birth of ours, and even beyond this birth, we might, but, it’s quite unfortunate that within most of our conscious, almost all the past life memories do not dwell in enough degrees. But still, if we try to consciously put down great efforts on our unconscious, where everything gets stored on eternal grounds, we might be able to retrieve all our past life memories. Most of us have been reincarnating for millions and millions of years and in truth, there’s no “death” except for our mortal bodies. Without bodies also, we assume, there’s life, some fortunate ones and some unfortunate. All animate assume a body to fulfil certain purposes. But it’s not necessary that all would be blessed and fortunate. God, however, being the Supreme Father of all creations possesses a soft corner for us all and henceforth sometimes in disguise makes us realize our past lives through déjà moments. The Almighty never punishes us, but being our Creator “Himself”, like a protective biological parent makes us realize the consequences of our acts in the impending future either through déjàvus or otherwise. Our forefathers say, whatever we intend to perform in this life of ours, our conscience classifies it as either right or wrong, but still many commit misdeeds throughout life, and thereafter, try to justify their acts on the fake pretexts of their permitted conscience grounds. But, our inner conscience being a vital judging force in our daily lives always promises a justified logical argument, which never ever proves to be false. Ramesh’s conscience knew that he had gone against its wilful desire in the past and hence as a consequence, it always haunted him from within with such ghastly experiences of Shruti, because she was the only one who had been cheated on by Ramesh. And indeed these sorts of happenings certainly might happen to any person who ever dared any time in life to disobey conscience’s wilful sanctioning to anything in particular.

Everything did not cease on an easy note. Every little thing does take an interesting shape at one point of time, and thus so did the life of Ramesh. The tale of Ramesh’s life always had certain new folds, which Ramesh himself remained unaware of and that was nothing but his past life incidents hidden deep within his unconscious.

In his previous birth, Ramesh had failed to marry his beloved because he was rumoured by others to have died under mysterious circumstances on the very eve of his marriage. The to-be-wife of Ramesh in that life, on being informed about such an unfortunate and tragic demise of her fiancé, committed suicide by drinking poison. Since then, due to her act of performing suicide, her soul had gotten entrapped within those dark circles (chakras) of unending time, which one was bound to spend, without a mortal body, as per the Celestial Law.

According to our elders, it’s possible to remember past lives, but only with great difficulties. They hold past life memories in high esteemed regards and say that transferring memories to conscious from deep within the layers of the hidden sub-conscious isn’t everyone’s cup of tea for certain. And Ramesh was no exception to this perception. Hence he was not able to excavate hidden facts of his previous birth. The one whom Ramesh had been actually sensing for over a month was none other than his beloved from his previous birth, seeking platonic love in that state in which she has been since time immemorial.








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Bikramjit, presently residing in Lucknow, believes in things of distant past sustaining the beauty of tradition, culture, and conventionality that is touched with a streak of sentiment. He was born on 13th December 1996 in Kolkata. He has been a student of Spring Dale College, Lucknow, Army School, Barrackpore, Kolkata, and Study Hall School, Lucknow. He completed his graduation with honours in English from Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University, Uttar Pradesh and pursues his Masters in English from the same university. He won the BEST STUDENT(M.A. ENGLISH) for the session 2019-2020, and has three books to his credit, namely Twenty Three: Collection of Short Stories, published by Notion Press, the novelette Potentially Divine Souls and Bouquet: A Collection of Poems, both published by Evencipub Publishing. The author has certain contributing works to his credit; nano tale “1978” in Nano Tales 2 published by Author’s Ink Publications, a poem in Colours of Life published by Evencipub Publishing and three patriotic poems in Quilled By Patriotism, an initiative of Critic Space Journals published by Evencipub Publishing. He has also got a contributing poem in Shades of Ink -1, a part of Bookfever anthology, a unit of Oxigle Publishing. He is also one of the winners of the Blooming Tales Anthology, an initiative of Monthly Anthologies and the winning co-author of Blossom of Words, an initiative of The Spirit Mania; receiving certificates from both for his wonderful literary contributions. He was one of the shortlisted winners in Storyfy'd, a competition held by Half Baked Beans and received a winner's certificate and a book for winning the same. Voices From The Society anthology published by InkQuills Publishing has author Bikramjit as a contributing writer and was presented a co-author certificate by them. Apart from the aforementioned ones, there are certain upcoming co-author anthologies of Bikramjit Sen, waiting for their respective release dates. Bikramjit has been recognized as one of the 100 Inspiring Authors of India 2018 by The Indian Awaz and has received the prestigious Swami Vivekananda Excellence Award 2019 by the Seva Youth Guild. He received a Certificate of Appreciation for getting shortlisted for the Best Child Author in ARL Literary Awards 2018. He also received Certificate of Appreciation by the Evencipub Publishing and has won the United by Ink Weekly Poetry Contest Award once for his poem “Childhood”. One of the research paper’s of the author was published in Vol.4, Issue 5(February 2019) of The Literary Herald International Journal of English language and literature. Another research paper of Bikramjit Sen was published in the April 2019 issue of Literary Herald: International Journal of English and Literature. He was also awarded the Author Pages Best Debut Indian Author Award along with a position on the front page cover of their digital & print magazine. Apart from that, he was recently felicitated and presented with a certificate of appreciation by Literoma Publishing Services in Kolkata for participating in a literary event conducted by them. Literaria Insight has recognized author Bikramjit Sen as a national-international level author. He is the winner of 'I' for Inspired writing competition held by Story Mirror. He received certificates of participation for My Life: My Words(English) and QuoteYard held on StoryMirror. He won the Non-Stop November 30 days challenge at Story Mirror and received a trophy, winner's certificate, and a book for the same, from the StoryMirror Team. He is the Literary Captain at Story Mirror at present. Author Bikramjit became an author of the year nominee at Story Mirror. The author got shortlisted in the Birla Young Indian Achiever Award and also became the author of the year nominee 2019 at StoryMirror.

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