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I still remember those days of my school when I failed in the biology exam. I have been a good student and never got bad results, failing an exam was far beyond my imaginations. I was so much upset and afraid that I hid my results from my parents.

In the starting of the 9th standard I started growing interest in arts, I started making paintings, new craft items and whatever new things I got know about. It was nothing like that I was very great in those activities but still it gave me pleasure. Trying new things was my love, but my parents and teachers considered it as a distraction from studies. My father always used to say “ you have got a wandering mind, you should better focus on your studies rather than growing hobbies”. Also Miss Jennifer said me once, “See Ashley, no human can perform multiple tasks and all these hobbies of yours won’t help you succeed in life. You are a good student, I suggest you to better stop these activities and concentrate on your studies.”

I always ignored what they said , But suddenly I started feeling guilty for not listening to them. I finally decided that it’s the time to apply brakes on my wandering mind.

Hiding all the sorrow and fear of the big F in my result card I went to the library and started reading.While going through the chapter I came across a line, “The cells making the fetus are pluripotent.” I stopped there.. P-L-U-R-I-P-O-T-E-N-T , it was a new word for me and I didn’t knew its meaning. So I asked the librarian for a dictionary. I took the dictionary and  started searching. I found it :


adjective Biology
pluri– ‘several’ + potent– ‘being able’
pluripotent cells have multiple potential.
Many cells originates from pluripotent stem cells

Okay! This means the cells perform multiple functions, what a wandering mind! Then I was lost in thoughts of my result and should I really stop doing what I love?

After an hour I got all my answers, and what to do now. I went back home and told my father that my failed in my exam. Listening to this he got upset and started saying “I have always told you to stop those rubbish activities and focus on your studies, you can’t handle so many things at the same time……” Before he said anything else I started “ Why can’t I ? Even the cells making up our bodies are pluripotent, then why cannot I? What if all those pluripotent cells were asked to perform only a single function and be in the rat-race to become the best cell, will the mighty creature ever exist? Why can’t I be pluripotent?

To my surprise,  instead of getting angry father smiled. “Yes Ashley you can be pluripotent.

Now I am a grown up, its not like that I am very rich or a popular person but I am very happy with my life, no complains no regrets. That day I learned to accept failure and overcome my fears. Also from that day I never stepped back from trying out new things in life, I grew up at my own pace. Life is a great journey and one should never refrain from doing what they love rather than just running in the rat-race only.

I have managed to become successful in my life and meaning of successful according to my dictionary is:

Winner of a rat race ; popular or rich

Being happy and learning something new from whatever life gives you.


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