//Rights of my life

Rights of my life

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Rights of my life..

When everything was going wrong in his life, there was no other choice left with him other than submitting himself to last breath. Taking a long sigh and climbing the stairs of attic, he hindered himself, as if he didn’t wanted it.

Reaching the top a long rope tied tightly to the roof with a noose was waiting for him, he was well prepared, sliding the old dusty wooden stool from a corner with his legs, he strolled.

With all the courage left within him he climbed the stool and stood there with a drop of tear falling to the ground, he then wiped it away with his long white sleeves, grabbing tightly, he took the noose with both hands and placed it through the head to the neck, gulping off his last saliva down the throat he looked up and prayed that’s when he noticed a piece of book-like something poking out of the wooden plank from roof.

With no further delay he removed noose from his neck and tried to grab the book. He blew away the dust and found that it was someone’s personal red journal, pages almost destroyed, he stepped down the stool, sat on that dusty floor, he then carefully opened the journal, it said “Wrongs of my life” with “wrong” strikethrough with red ink and changed it with “Right”.

As most of the ink was smudged and faded with years as most of the pages were torn and were missing he started reading from random, it read “I chose many wrong paths in my life which I thought was right. Now, that there’s no turning back. I know that taking my own life will not be a solution, but I don’t know how will I ever change what I had done, if there’s anything that I can do to undo it will be more than a miracle, and that’s when Riya gave me that surprise, which changed my way of seeing things, suddenly all my problems faded away, suddenly all my fear dissolved, I saw a bright ray of hope ahead of me, Yes, it’s when you showed your first sign in Riya’s womb and I was more than happy, it’s because of you I decided that I will make things right whether it cost my entire life, because I want to see you cry, laugh, stumble, walk, grow, and most important I don’t want that my boy to repeat the same mistakes as of mine. Because, ‘You are the right of my life..’ Okay now, I have to go as of you are crying too loud and as your mom’s asleep and I don’t want you to wake her up..”

He couldn’t find more pages to the journal, with tears in his eyes, he decided to give up his thoughts on taking his life. Jack?? His father called for him, wiping his tears leaving journal on the floor he ran down the stairs, Aaron asked, “What were you doing in the att—iic??” before his father could complete his sentence Jack hugged his father tightly and wept. Jack said I was wrong, I shouldn’t have thought of leaving you all, I am so bad, you all are the rights of my life.

Aaron was confused, didn’t knew what was happening, yet he pat the back and waved his hands over Jack’s head and said, “whatever was eating you, I think it was wrong of your life, now let us together try to make it right and that will not be easy to do but we will try our best”.



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