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This happened on Sunday when my father and I was looking for ways to remit for someone.

I was the first one to enter the convenience store. I asked the male employee if there’s Palawan Express or Smart Padala in their machine with some other concerns as well. The male employee answered all of my questions and so I informed my father about it.

So we came in. Went straight to the queue and when it’s our turn, I looked for the Palawan Express option.

That’s us.

Here’s where this little girl selling Sampaguita comes in. This is with the little girl.

The little girl comes in. Asks people to buy her flowers. Nobody is looking at her. Everything is just still and quiet. The little girl didn’t bother pestering the customers and the employees of 7 Eleven. When some ignored her or when some shook their heads, she just let’s them.

I went out.

When we came back to the convenience store, this little Sampaguita girl asks us to buy her goods. We said, no. She still asks us to buy her goods. We said, later. My father and I were talking about our transaction, this girl keeps asking us to buy it.

My father got irritated and shouted, “Mamaya! Huwag kang magulo”.

I just informed the little girl, “Wait lang ha. Mamaya” in a very calm manner.


I’m calm because I know where she is coming from.

It’s hard to sell things that the crowd where we are in doesn’t need it as of the moment or doesn’t see the use of it in their lives.

I tried it with my health and wellness job. Either I get ghosted or the timing is bad. Worse, I get misinterpreted; asked me to go on dates with them. Worst, they don’t see my capacity to discuss something. Because they see me as someone stupid or beneath them.

I endorsed some international products but there’s no movement in the Philippines. It’s too expensive and the shipment takes a lot of time. Most of them doesn’t like waiting. There are other brands and some private individuals copying the product and sell it at a marked down price. To say the least, it was triple. A lot more cheaper than our products. We are the original and yet people prefer to buy the fake ones.

I tried selling branded European cars, all of them already had three or they don’t believe in the performance of the car presented at hand.

I tried selling a beauty product, the product movement moved fast. But they want some testers and some wanted a lot of tubs. Until they changed their minds because there’s a new fad item.

I tried marketing and inviting people to study at an aviation school. Almost every hour, I get someone interested and actually talked about the admission details. Then *poof* ghosted. Some say they forgot about it. Some say they changed their minds. Some say it’s too expensive. Some got scared that they will be directed to the Business Development Manager and the CEO.

So, that’s the explanation of me being so calm with her. I know the feeling. It’s hard plus experiencing all the insults.

When our transaction is impossible to happen. To be brutally honest, I really hate close doors. I got really pissed. But I know where the store is coming from when we reconfirmed it. My father knowing me too well, assured me to find ways.

The little girl got insults from each and everyone inside the store. A woman even stayed away and got angry for being next to this little girl. The little girl’s responses are quite violent. She run away when the employees asked her nicely to leave. She pesters people to buy it. She cursed everyone. She kicked the glass door of the establishment. She pushed and slammed the doors.

With all these violence. My father asked this little girl for the price of her Sampaguita. My father bought one worth P20. 00.

She kept thanking my father. She thanked him non-stop even if she is being violent and even if we already left the establishment. Whenever she sees my father, she keeps thanking him. Despite already riding home in a tricycle.

A simple gesture. A simple act of kindness that can give out hope. A simple gesture that reminds us to be kind. A simple gesture that can transform any person. Be kind.

Happy New Year! Welcoming 2020.


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