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  1. …... and she was smiling like never before.Her Eyes were shining, there was a Spark in her Attitude and she was shining like a star.

I asked her the reason behind that lovely smile, behind her glowing face I was curious to know what actually has happened that she started living like before. Somewhere I knew the reason behind this because the glow on her face was expressing everything. The reason was her DREAMS. She  was living it. But i wanted to listen from her. So I kept on asking her repeatedly about it and before she began I interrupted I want everything in detail. She could hardly refuse me. So, she agreed to express everything that has happened in this span of years..

Mitra, my bestie, a short girl with round face. She had brown eyes with long brown silky hair. She was admired by one and all. Moreover she was an angel to her mom. The kind of love and pampering that she received was always enough for her to have a wonderful life. She was a girl of open mind with broad thinking. Her principles to life were very high. She would live in her own world of fantasy where she selected very few people to be there. 

Most of the time mitra would live in a world of her imagination, in world of her dreams. Of course imagination and dreams were not always meant to happen. But still there were dreams which Mitra always wanted to live and one of the biggest dream was “SATWIK”.

Satwik, an unsolved puzzle, her most beautiful imagination, which became the most painful experience of Mitra’s life. It was one of the most important dreams of her life after Takshashila-her own dream home that she would she would gift to her constant one-her Mom. But before she fulfills this dream, she experience the most important dream of her life, which was Satwik. 

…and yes, the reason behind her sparkling smile and glowing face was obviously the dream-Satwik. 

Wonna know more about Satwik and Mitra’s love? wanna know how Satwik changed Mitra’s life?Let’s find out…

Just wonder what kind of dream was Satwik? How Satwik changed Mitra’s life? Was he so important that he became the reason behind her smile? Can a dream be as  important as life?

Mitra was a Medical student which she earned it on her own ability. She was pursuing her Bachelors. She continued her college with a new hope everyday. When one day a guy, one of her classmate saw her. For a moment he stopped himself. He just had a brief look on her from head to toe. Then it was only one thing that he felt -“the girl should be mine”.

Days passed Mitra was unaware of all this.she made only two friends with whom she would spend her most of the time. Apart from this she never spoke to anyone neither they tried. But now, the guy was curious to know the name. That curiosity was increasing as the days were passing. Within the span of time the guy got close to other girls and made new friends unlike Mitra. And soon he fell in love with a girl.Mitra was not known to the things happening around. She was happy in her world of dreams. 

One day, During a  roll call of students, he paid attention to it hoping that he will find the name of her. And to his luck, he got the name that day. Mitra answer her roll call in her sharp,sweet high pitched voice as usual. Few days later Mitra made an announcement regarding creation of whatsApp group for information aspects. The guy was very excited hoping that he would get her contact number that day. But not every day is lucky. Before he gets Mitra’s contact , she teared the sheet and the changed her decision. 

A new day, A new hope and it was a day where the guy finally got guts to come and speak to Mitra. After the college hours when Mitra was about to leave college, the guy wishes her a very happy pongal. And to that Mitra replied with a broad smile on her face by shaking her hand and wishing him the same. This was the first time when they spoke  to each other. And the same night, Mitra created a group and link was sent to few members. He joined the group through the link and it was the day where he got Mitra’s number too. And that was the day when they had their first chat. 

Days passed, it continued Mitra was finding a good friend in him. But she was unaware of his love. They continued to chat, started knowing about each other. And in a very short period of time they got habituated to each other. Soon Mitra came to know about his love.There was no change in their bond even after knowing about his love for other girl. Because at that point of time he was just under friend zone. But sometimes she realized, the way he loved the other girl and would experience a  very strange feeling.I guess, This was the beginning of her journey.

Days passed, he was getting closer to that girl, on the other side the other two guys fell in love with Mitra. There, the girl understood the way he felt for her and she clearly said nothing is gonna workout. I have my dreams to Achieve. The guy was hurt listening to all this. But Mitra was still there for him whenever he needed. Simultaneously the other two guys proposed her one after the other. And Mitra refused to both of the proposals as she was not ready for all this.

Satwik-A beautiful Imagination

Satwik was one of the most beautiful imagination of Mitra’s life. It was the imagination of her soulmate. The qualities that she all aimed for were under the list. She imagined a guy who would understand  her as deep as ocean. A guy that would love her beyond her expectations. He should be crazy about her, respecting her in all the ways, trust her in all the conditions and care for her like his mother and most of all the one who would accept her just the way she is. But destiny had something else written for her.

The guy was deeply in love with the other girl. Even after knowing Mitra wanted to be a part of his life. She wanted to be there for him always. She wanted to be the first to share all his worries and pains. Inshort she wanted him to be happy always. It was never easy for Mitra. Though she made efforts but she didn’t get the result the way she wanted. And somewhere within this span Mitra started expecting things from him which she never wanted to do. And Somewhere,Mitra’s feelings were now changing from friendship to something else. There was no name to those feelings as Mitra herself was not known about the way she was feeling for him. And she never named those feelings. The only thing that she would say is it was something more than friendship. She would also say that it was not love. Though she said it was not love but somewhere she was known that she started falling for him. The only thing was,she was not ready to accept it and as she was not sure about it she was unable to accept the fact. 

leaving all this aside, both of them got habituated to each other. They would often fight on silly issues which would later result in to big arguments. Then they would not talk to each other for a period of time.But then again at the end of the day It was a guy who made an effort to begin talking again. Most of the time it was only him who would take the initiative. That doesn’t mean that Mitra never wanted him. She wanted him more than the way he wanted her. It’s just that she never let her express herself. She would always wait for him. It was not once or twice that they fought, it was almost a every next day routine for them. The argument, no contact, again coming back, conveniencing each other, and getting back to each other. Inspite of all this numerous fights they both never felt of leaving each other it was like their habit. And they never felt ashamed or bad to come back into each other’s life. 

Days were passing and life was changing too. And one day Mitra expressed herself to the guy. It was the not that Mitra was first to express it. The guy expresed it many times before her. But Mitra never felt that it was convincing because Mitra was still in thought of his first love. Mitra told him that she want him forever. The question was as what? Though the answer was something different but Mitra replied it as” friend “.forever as friend…? He asked. The answer was not clear she said we will see….. He agreed to stay with her forever because somewhere he was known things would change not now but soon immediately.       

 Things were changing. They would chat but in class there eyes would talk before. But after all this everything began to change. They started talking. They started getting close to each other. As a result there was a new hope arising in her garden of heart. Expectations were increasing every moment. And as a result of expectations Mitra started getting hurt every day. One side he would say he loved her, the other side, he would often dedicate her whatapp status to her. The only question tha was killing Mitra was if she is there in his life then why me? She would often cry for the person who did not deserve it. Here, Mitra was getting hurt every day but still was not ready to accept that she was in love with him. The other side he was still in love with the other girl. Now the soft behavior was getting changed. A small change in his behavior would hurt Mitra a lot. Though she was getting hurt as hell but was unable to live without him. She was unable to leave him. What kind of love was it?           

 One day, the level to her patience was end. And she decided to leave him forever. Though they were not talking to each other, Mitra texted him and said him about her decision. The last thing she texted was ” you will always remain special”. The thing that he asked that day was just to stand in front of him in absence of everyone. The last thing that he wanted from her was only a deep passionate hug so that he could feel her for the first and last time and express that how special she was. Mitra agreed to it. But somehow again he managed to change my decision. most of the time Mitra would change her decision just because of the efforts that he puts everytime to get her back and this was always genuine. This was not the first time that he did this. It was third time when he managed to change her decision. They were happy again. But till when? Again things would repeat, she would get hurt by his behavior, he would often block contact,unblock again back to things as always. There were many unanswered questions to which answer was necessary, he answered but they were not conveniencing to Mitra. 

Mitra went to Bangalore for a vacation without informing to the guy. She uploaded the status but it didn’t reaches him. The guy got frustrated on being not informed. There was already an rgument going on. And to that both started reaction in their own way. No one was ready to understand the other as both of them had lost their patience levels. This time though they were talking but argument was quite big. The argument that made every thing clear. It was mid of vacation when Mitra told her friend to give his update as she was getting restless that day. The reason behind restlessness was “online “.silly, he didn’t turn up online that day. Later Mitra’s friend told her that whatsApp was uninstalled just because of our argument last day. That day Mitra’s friend had sent  screenshot of Mitra’s messages to that guy and told him that she is in love with you. She needs you more than you need her. She asked him the only one question “Do you need her in your life”?”Do you love her”? And the answer was yes. That night she not made him confess his love but also Mitra’s love. She added Mitra’s on a conference call without informing about the guy. The same question was asked as it was her friend Mitra expressed her love for him. He was known about Mitra’s feelings for him. Things were changed again.

It was Mitra’s birthday when he wished her before everyone. And made her day memorable by kissing her. A month later, there was again a change in behavior. Things were going like before. Mitra felt he was going away from her. This time the feelings were very complicated. She would go to bed crying every night. She was getting hurt as hell every day. This time she felt as if she entered his life without his will. She felt as if she was just a source of passing time. If these was the thing then why did he come back every time . Why did he made himself as Mitra’s priority. Why did he got so close to Mitra. Mitra was totally confused this time and was feeling the way that she never felt before. And finally she came to conclusion to leave him and end up everything after his birthday. Mitra made the most beautiful card that she could prepare for him. The card was endless with lot of pictures. Lots of letters with her feelings written in them. She gifted him on his birthday. 

The guy read all the letters in the card and tears started rolling down his cheeks. He called Mitra and told that she is not gonna leave him. She will be with him only always with tears  rolling down his cheeks. On listening this Mitra’s eyes we’re full of tears. She was wondering how wrong she thought about the guy. The feelings were pure. He apologized for the way he acted so far. And explained the reason behind it. The reason was Mitra herself later if he leaves her Mitra should not get hurt. The simple reason behind his actions. They accepted each other and decided to stay back  with each other. 

That day Mitra realised that being first love was not important, being true love of someone was important. When you are in love with someone you should love them unconditionally without any expectations. Though you get hurt every moment,but you can’t leave them. If your love is true the other one will realise it one day. And getting the same love from them is not important. If you love them then your love is complete in its own way. You will need their love to complete you. 

Years passed, they were still together. Both of them were successful in their lives Mitra was living her dream everyday. She achieved all her goals.Her first dream Takshashila was ready. Soon, she would present it to her mother. And the other dream Satwik which she started living since the graduation days is still going on just like the way it was some silly argument, no talking again coming back. But now coming would be initiated by Mitra. After all it was her dream. Now there was no permission required for kisses or hugs like before. And why would it require now, after all they were soulmates to each other. 

Though the guy didn’t had qualities of Satwik but still Mitra fell for him. The point is life never goes in the way we think. It has always got surprises for us. And those surprises prove to be the best for us. May be not now but later. Mitra expected to hear those three magical words from him but his “being with me always” came out of the box. Unexpected things can be beautiful sometimes. Life is full of unexpected things instead of reacting to it,its always better that we try our best to accept it. There is something good hidden in every thing that happens always. The words were as pure as Mitra’s imagination. They were as pure as Satwik.Though the guy name was something else but to Mitra, he was Satwik of her life. The reason behind her glow was love. Pure love as pure as Mitra’s love-Satwik.




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