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It is a small beautiful village. Very small and far from the society. A small village in the forest. Very pleasant in midst of the hills and mountains. The katcha houses with wide space in front of it. With rangoli in front of the main door. And mango leaves hanging on the entrance.

Satya was beautiful young lady with an intoxicating voice, deep enchanting eyes and charming smile. Her skin is as pure as crystal and as white as milk and cream. The skin is smooth like a feather. She was such a beauty that no other women can be compared with her beauty.
She entered the veranda and al the villagers stood up. She is looked upto like a mother theresa. She used to cook food for all these villagers. She taught them how to read and write. She used to collect their hard work and converted them into cash. She used to collect all the forest harvest they collected and would trade those on behalf of them. There was a famine and the villagers could not collect any harvest. They were starving . Satya got them all under her roof. She served food to them everyday with the reserves she had. Villagers were very happy. And are blessing her and her family. Her eyes were twinkling like diamonds. There are tears of happiness in her eyes. These very same eyes once rained the tears of pain, helplessness and loneliness.
She was carrying and was in her 5th month. In her seventeens, with her 3 children, she was weeping in front of her husband’s dead body. She was married at a very young age, probably before her puberty, was a child marriage which was very common in those days. She was the victim of the culture.
She unfortunately lost her loving husband. She didn’t know what to do. She was left alone and she has to take care of her children. She was a minor at that time and has no knowledge about the world outside.
Satya went to her parents’ place. She was doomed after a few of months as she lost her Father too. Now the family was alone with no male support. It is very tough to survive in then patriarchal society. And she was taunted by her relations that it is her bad horoscope resulted in these deaths. She was treated as a bad omen.
People used to humiliate her with their harsh words and would insult her. Satya was never allowed outside.
Due to her extreme beauty, men wanted her and would lust her. Those looks were very uncomfortable to her. Those tharki men would eat her with their eyes. A beautiful women, with 4 Kids less than 5 years of age, in the society, without a male support was truly a challenge to survive. There are predators everywhere. Every men in the village wanted to enjoy her beauty. They would not leave any chance to come close to her. To save herself she wound a fence around her.
People would threaten her to kill her children or would taunt her saying that u need someone to look after your children.
She knows that she is not safe here. She has to safeguard herself and her children. She has only two choices – to surrender and give up or to fight. But her mother instincts were not ready to give up.
All the circumstances were pushing her down. There is no one to support her. Now it is her need that taught her to live.
There is no one for her. She has never been in these kind of situations. And this cruel world is showering chilli powder on her wounds.

She thought she needed a male support. She gathered the courage to marry a divorce. The biggest mistake she made in her life was not to marry him but to believe in him . This fat old guy was so selfish and a miser. He used to pose to the world that He promised satya that he will take care of her 4 children and she believed in him. He promised that i will educate them and sent all 4 of them to hostel. Satya after marrying him was afraid to stay in the same place as the people were so rude and they did not accept the newly wed couple.
She left her children with her mother and shifted to a remote village near to forest . He used the school fees of the children and lied to satya that he paid the fees and the poor lady believed him. Her mother worked hard to send them to school and very soon she passed away joining them in a residential school. Poor kids were so studious which helped them get the scholarships to compensate their fees. They don’t even have proper clothes to wear. And as time flew, satya gave birth to 4 other children with this man. He loved them very much yet he is a cruel step father.
He didn’t leave any stone unturned to torture his step kids. Satya is not a fool. But she was shocked to find the true colours of her husband. He acted so well. He acted that he loved her children and promised that he would educate them. He was a liar. He was a cheat. But its too late. Her children were big enough and she wanted their future to be safe. She wouldn’t let him ruin their lives in front of her eyes. She sensed a danger and thought it would be better to put her children far from him. Thus she used the name of higher studies, and put all the siblings in the house belonged to her first husband, the father of those kids. Its theirs. She do know that they will be safe there.
Satya in these years after shifting, started a business where she would collect the crop of the forest foods from the villagers like tamarind, cashews, organic chick peas, milk, sabja, soapnuts, etc and would sell those in city markets to make a good profit and would share it among the villagers.
She was prosperous and successful. But she was not accepted by her own family. The man, she thought would support her showed his true colours. She cheated her. He married her only for the sake of name and her property. He looted her and left her alone and would come back to her whenever he wanted money for his daily needs.
But all these were kept to her. She chose to smile instead of whining her helplessness. She started to transform and build herself to face any challenge that life posed to her in her own capacity. She never complained about her life. She is very happy for getting a chance ro help the por. The only regret in her life was, her children. They already lost their father and cant have father’s love. But due to her struggle to give them a better future, she lost the opportunity to give them mother’s love.


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