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The ones who make uncommon happenings appear and feel like common practices are known as common people. My visit to Bihar this time was more of people centric. Repeatedly the focus halted on the life and practices of people who you and I may find extremely ordinary, common and are ignorant about most of the time.  But nevertheless, everyone has some or other prodigious traits in them which apparently are impressive for the society they live in or the circle they are part of. To put it more simply, they are the hero of their own herds.

I have something more here. Food somehow plays a very vital role in their life. And food is such a thing that while devouring or buying it we Indians specifically like to chit chat sensible or often non sensible. You might have read big food blogs, watched food shows on television and seen the high end chefs of five stars and seven star hotels playing around with all kinds of ornamental dishes, which are more appealing to eyes rather than your hunger pangs but I found Savita Devi and her husband’s dedication towards culinary art tad more extraordinary.

During the conversation and packing of the sweets, I observed that Savita Devi has a long vermilion line from her nose to the forehead. I randomly checked with her if she too is fasting for Chatth puja. She agreed to it. Infact, she was fasting since last two days, without food and water, and she will remain in fasting till the next day as Chatth puja is a festival of four days. At this age, without food and water, after completing the required rituals of the puja, she stands in the midst of the busy market in front of the hot mud oven frying the “ghevars” to be served and packed freshly to the customers. She and her husband cannot miss a day without working, as they have to feed their family. The demand for ghevar is high in festivals. Hence, the couple cannot miss the opportunity of earning a little more during this time of the year. I admired the opinion she had for practicing puja ritual. As per her the strength to stand and work hard in such languorous situation comes from Chatthi maiya and Lord Sun. The hawkers like Savita Devi and her husband earn more in the festival season. The income of the season is quite helpful for them to spend the entire year comfortably. Savita Devi’s fasting and reveling Chatth Parv is a gesture to express gratitude to the heavens.

This is an extraordinary story of ordinary emotions like – hope, strength and faith. I was amazed to see that although the couple cannot afford to read any books on positivity, motivation and attend life coaching seminars and sessions and apparently won’t read this write up of mine (which is the story of their strength, perseverance & tenacity) in any way, yet they are able to embrace & relish this optimistic and simple but extraordinary zest to live life and keep going from this mere festival of Chatt Puja.

I paid Savita Devi for the ghevars I bought from her and I intend to pay her for the story and wisdom she unknowingly passed to me by writing her emotive story.  I can incomparably relate to the saying I read somewhere on internet – God does uncommon things through common people in common places.




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