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There was a king who was about to face a battle from a neighbour king with 5 times stronger army.
The king was worried.
The Army General had already given up saying it is nearly impossible to win the battle n if they fight it,it would lead to unnecessary bloodshed .The army had lost all hope.
This news reached to the ears of a Sufi saint .
Next day, the saint approached the king n said to him ,” oh Lord ,I will win the battle for u.appoint me as your army general .”
The king laughed n said ,” are u a fool? U have never raised a sword in ur entire life then how can u think of fighting the battle ?”
The saint replied ,” u leave that to me . U first sack down this army general n I will tell u whether we will lose or win the battle .”
The king said ,”what’s ur plan?”
The saint replied ,” first I will find out whether Allah wishes us to win or to lose.there is a majaar nearby . There we will toss a coin .if it turns up head then Allah wants us to win n if it turns up tails Allah wants us to lose .”
Everybody came to know about this plan .next day ,the king ,along with his army,reached the majaar. The saint tossed the coin n it turned up heads .
The Army was filled with zeal that they were going to win anyhow.
Next day battle happened.they conquered the enemy n emerged victorious.
The king was surprised .He called the saint in the court and asked ,” how did u do it?We had given up even without fighting. “
The saint replied ,” the coin had both sides head . The story of Allah was just to fill ur army with a faith that they will the battle anyhow

Moral : Self-belief is all you need to have to win every situation in the world. 


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