//Shining Shoes to Shining Stars

Shining Shoes to Shining Stars

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“My only competitor is the person I was yesterday” is a famous saying of a famous motivational speaker and author. Sunny Hindustani was practicing for the finals of the Indian Idol a singing competition where he was among the top five contestants in India. His mind wandered back to his home at Bhatinda where he was born in a family having humble background. His father used to sing and polish shoes while his mother sold balloons for earning a livelihood. He remembered studying in a government school till sixth grade. He like his father had lot of affinity towards music and used to participate in school functions. One day his father reached home and called “Sunny I have got a harmonium and tabla for you”. They are musical instruments in India. Sunny smiled and told his father “Thank you dad”. He has three sisters. As they were struggling financially, he could not afford to take music classes and learn music. All he did was copy a famous singer “Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan” whose song he had heard at the darga, a place where prayers are offered. His passion for singing started from there onwards. His father fell sick and left for heavenly abode in 2014 and the responsibility of running the house came on his shoulders. He started shining shoes and then one day got to know that Indian Idol auditions are taking place. After borrowing some amount, he reached the auditions and after singing impressed the judges with his soulful voice. He managed to get through and was called for the next round. With every episode his singing improved and popularity increased many fold. Every performance enhanced his quality of voice and fan following rose day by day. He became the highest voted

contestant in many episodes. His performances were applauded by the judges, famous music directors and singers who also came to witness the episodes and encourage the upcoming talent. Tough times don’t last but tough people do. Despite all hardships, less education, no means of meeting the desires he fought and made way till the finals. He put his heart and soul into every song thereby every performance turned out to be better than the previous. He is a bit nervous about the results of the finals but to reach this stage amongst lakhs of contestants is an achievement by itself. He has sung various types of songs thereby showing his versatility. He is preparing well for the finals wherein the stage shall be massive and audience in large number. The performance shall also last for about two hours. Results do not matter much but the journey till date and learning matters. Sunny has transformed from an amateur to a professional playback singer. He is also recognized and loved by the citizens of India. His achievement is a motivation for millions who lose hope and accept their present circumstances. Times change and perseverance pays off. Every day brings a new ray of hope and every moment is a new learning. We just need to work towards our dreams and every wish comes true with positivity and belief in oneself.


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