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You want to be something and some people want you to be something else and that’s when you don’t want to be that something. Being nothing those some people have a problem with your being not what they wanted you to be. Let’s see what happened with my friend Aisha when her businessman dad wants her to be a business partner with him by doing business studies. But she knows that she can never tell her dad that she does not want to do business studies. She wants to be a dancer, a photographer, a singer, a painter, a story writer. She has to let her dream go for her dad’s dream. Now she does not has an alternative. She is standing on the edge of her terrace. She is about to end her life but she opens her eyes and she is in her bed. Now she has determined herself that she is going to confess to her dad that she cannot continue pursuing her business studies as she is not happy with it. She walks up to her dad and says,” Dad I cannot do business studies anymore. I want to be what I love and in which I have an interest and I can get success. Her dad replied, “It’s okay. till then you are happy. Nothing more matters me than your happiness.

After a few years,

Hi, I’m Aisha and guess what today I’m a dancer, I choreograph people and I’m a photographer in weddings and I’m a part-time writer and most importantly I’m happy and my parents too.


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Ruby Rajesh Yadav is an amateur writer studying microbiology. She started writing as a column writer for Times of India coastal road and later for Tap the chatter in Pune mirror. Her parents have been a great supporter and inspiration in every phase of her life. In the age of falling in love, she found her love in writing quotes, poems, articles, and stories. Reading storybooks of different writers made her a storyteller at many open mics and publish podcasts too. Her works and write-ups have found a place in different anthologies like Hunched Alfaaz, Whimsical Motions, Mystical Musing, and Taare Zameen Par magazine where she has worked as a co-author. Her dream to be google searchable came to be true as her work was recognized at different writing platforms like Story Mirror, Your Quote, Terribly Tiny Tale, and websites like Real she power and Zorba books spotlight. She has her own blog known as a Tangled teenager and has started a community page called Every Smile around during the lockdown period where she shares real-life inspiring stories to motivate people all around. You can find this happy soul scribbling her thoughts on her Insta account: _rubyadav_

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