//Smart phones pulling down the leg of your smart child

Smart phones pulling down the leg of your smart child

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There are many parents, who are suffering from this common problem that “their child is phone addicted, what to do’?
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The Problem will remain a problem if we shall remain unaware of this smartphones addiction’s hazardous effects.
So without wasting much time, we should know the effects of smartphone addiction on children:-

  1. Disturbed brain activity- As we all know that mobile phone works on the electromagnetic wave and our brain also has its own electromagnetic impulses so in children waves of the phones can easily penetrate right into the interior parts of the brain as they do not have a strong shield.

2. Academic performance – Many children carry phone along with them to their school for chatting friends and playing games even in class.
This results in, they failing to pay attention in the class and missing out some important lessons.

3. Sleep disruption- For talking to their friends, playing games and scrolling the net late night, children may sleep late which causes fatigue and restlessness.
Which results in their studies, they feel sleepy while walking, eating, reading or even living.
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4. Medical issues- when children stick to phones they even don’t go outside to play games or taking fresh air. So that they feel obesity and fatigue, which sometimes result in hypertension and diabetes.

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Many of the dangerous diseases like tumours and mental problems also affect life.

5. Mental health – There are many
cyberbullies, when children use social media. Children come in contact with them for so many reasons but never try to tell their parents and the time they start to do something, then the mental damage has already been done.
So social media also induce depression and anxiety.

Tumours-  There has been extensive research in the field of understanding smartphone radiation effects on children.
Since children are still in a stage where their bodies are undergoing changes and growth.

So in result, the radiation of smartphones go deep in the children’s body and affect their nervous system and tissues.

We are updating our child by so many apps of competitive types but on the other hand, we are degrading his health.
So make your child “a book reader”, not well known about smartphone’s feature.


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