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Hey! Who are you? Why are you surrounding me? Go away.

Oh God! This is a road! Oh no! That’s me! Bleeding! I’m unconscious!

Oh my God! Oh my God!

I fell off the bike! Bike!

Guys move back! Move back! Let me take some air in! Move back!

Hey! You should survive! Come on, open your eyes!

Sir, Sir, Sir, please call an ambulance, please!

Mam, mam, would you? Sir, sir, please call an ambulance sir!

Somebody, just call an ambulance!

What are you guys looking at! I’m loosing my pulse!

Hey you! Idiot! You can record the video later! First call the ambulance man!

Open your eyes! Come on!

Hold your breath! Hold your breath!

Water? Water? Anybody, can you please give him water? Anybody? Please!

Hey there, ambulance!

Thank God!

Thank you ‘somebody’.

Traffic! Man!

Give way, move! Move! Give way to the ambulance!

There, there, I’m lying in the pool of blood!


Slowly guys! Slowly!

What? Am I okay!

Speak out! Speak out!

Fractured my skull!

Ribs too!

Oh God!

Guys, are you hearing me?

Oh no! They can’t hear my voice! I’m separated from my body!

Who am I?

Hey, can you hear me? Hey, you?

Oh no! Oh no!

I want to live! I want to live!

Oh no!

I want to live! I want to!

No! No!

Nothing would happen to me! Nothing!

I’m strong! Strong!

Come on! Open your eyes! I’m worried!

What are you doing with my phone? Oh! You wanna call my parents! Oh no! Password! Hell!

Password is ‘MOMDAD’

Can you hear me?

Ok! Look for my ID! Search my bag! Search my bag!

What! Can you hear me?

No, not that pocket!

Man! You can take my wallet later!

Take away all the money I have!

But, please call!

There it is! My ID!

Call! Please!

Is it ringing!


God! My mom’s crying! Don’t ask her to cry. No!

Please! Please!

Who am I?

Nobody is listening to me!

Oh no!

Oh no!

Oh no!

I’ll never drive fast! Never! Never again! Please Doctor!

I want to live!

Save me!

Save me!

I want to live!


Speed kills.

Your family is waiting for you, at home.

Drive slow.

Realise, before it becomes too late!


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