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The journey was not easy for me, born as a girl in simple middle class family; my parent’s never complained about why they don’t have a boy either instead of me as a single girl child. They did everything what all they could for me; instead of purchasing good clothes for themselves at first they fulfilled my every wish. They were not in a capacity to teach me in an English medium school but still my mother said that what all i have gone through I will not let my child suffer that. Both my parent’s really worked hard for me and even now they are working. After finishing school it was time to take admission in college, my dream was to pursue law and that too from Pune, Pune University a very well-renowned institution, but again certain barriers from society, my parent’s again stood for me and fulfilled my wish to study outside and enjoy every bit of it. To get exposure. The journey was not easy, i am an average student from school days, and I even failed in maths and science in my school although due to adding up of assignments marks I got through it. I was always thinking I cannot do anything in my life. I am very bad at studies. Rest of my classmates were doing really well. But now when I look back and see that everyone is up to something in their lives. Never under estimate yourselves by opinion of others. If they are judging you let them judge. You just do your work and definitely results will be good. People were making fun of me but now, when i look back I am really doing very well in my life than them.  I am not criticizing anyone just want to tell, even the damaged clock shows correct two times in a day. If god has given you life then set a purpose and aim in your life. I am in my fourth year of law school, just one more to go. Looking for a well-settled life with full positive attitude. If rest of the people can do it then why can’t I? The people who don’t have hands even they do something in their life, some or the other thing is written in your destiny but for it we have to work hard because there is no substitute of hardwork. Earlier i was looking for motivation by reading quotes, watching videos, etc. But then I realised it cannot come from outside, it will come from inside only and you have to motivate yourself at each and every step of life. We bath daily, in the same way we have to motivate ourselves daily. My father always says dream big, don’t let others decide your future. You have the power to write your own destiny. Just believe in yourselves, set-goals and targets which you want to achieve in life. Then everything will seem to be easy. Just work hard and focus on your goals. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. I know many people think after continuous failure, how can they achieve success but I will say failures are necessary to become successful in one’s lives. The lesson which failure can teach you cannot be taught by success. Sometimes you will feel to quit but you have to go through to accomplish your goals. Even I feel every third day to quit myself, but then I remember there are many people to whom I have to prove wrong and this fire inside me keeps me going.



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