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Moon looked so magnificent amidst the cluster of stars and street lights joined the crew,pointing the light on the deepest secrets of the otherwise perfect world.The sound of the footsteps came closer,two shadows emerged from the dark to the vicinity of streetlights,one was a middle-aged women .she was shabbily dressed in her home wear,with her hair tucked up in a messy bun.Along side she had a small boy,holding her hands firmly.They seemed to be in hurry,trying to get away from a demon of some sort.

crickets sang in chorus to the tone of the night breeze.Trees casted their shadows on the road,each of it seemed to be the character of a dark fantasy,perfectly woven by the nature.The footsteps slowed down and vanished in to the thin air as the women and the child sat under the huge Banyan tree.Few leaves fall in-front of them as though ,the wind has tickled the branches of the tree.The women sat with her hands crossed over her knee,her angelic face resting on the knee.Tears started to roll out from her deep dark eyes which seemed to be a treasure chest of emotions.

The boy who was sitting opposite to her,got up slowly and walked towards her.

He held her hands softly and uttered,

“Amma ,Don’t cry,we made the right decision.” he paused.A sense of peace prevailed in his eyes,just like the pool of water regaining its posture after hit by the stone ,which desperately wanted to create waves and disrupt it’s peace of mind.

He continued”Mom ,I think that we have made the right decision because it’s so peaceful to be under this tree than to be in our home.”

He wiped her tears gently with his soft fingers and told her”Mom ,let’s run away,let’s go somewhere so far that the monster will never be able to chase us.”

Shyla felt a deep knot in her throat,a sense of guilt pondering upon her,here a child is showing immense courage to create a  life,he deserves and here she is contemplating suicide.The only thing that held her back was her enormous love towards her son.

Her mind started to play games with her,one part of her mind told her to end everything but the other part of mind stared convincing her to move forward .

The feeble voices played back and forth her head.

“Where is the courage, that you had when u married someone against parents’ wishes ? when you put on a strong mask to make your child happy? when you protected your child from his violence?

This could be your weakest moment or the strongest moment, the choice is yours.” the feeble voices gave the final warning and disappeared.

Shyla hugged her son tightly, looked into his innocent eyes and told ” you always talk about living the life of superheroes as in your comic books, Amma is going to make that dream come true.

His eyes opened wide like a blooming flower and he asked in astonishment ” really? promise?”

She nodded her head and told ” really!”. She held his hands and told ” I promise”.

The promise to live every moment wholeheartedly. The promise to live a life filled with joy and adventures. The promise to grant him a peaceful childhood.

“And so she kept her promise”  he said proudly about his mom addressing a crowd of thousands , amidst the standing ovation. ” MY MOM IS MY SUPERHERO”.



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